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  1. Thanks for the advice, I will give it a try sometime. But I am more about finding stability! I want to leave a little head room, and the performance difference may not be worth risking my stable setup.
  2. Hi, I have found stability at 2.5Ghz. Info in sig. But my CPU voltage is 1.4 + 104%. Is this enough voltage. I have read so many articles that say that stock CPU voltage can still achieve good overclocks. Any recommendations on voltage I should set CPU too if 1.4 isnt enough???
  3. As you see from my signature I really dont think I have the power to overclock to 3ghz. It absolutely flys anyway!! I am happy now and staying at these STABLE settings. Just wanted to share my story because I know there are lots of unhappy Ballistix owners out there. Basically if you get a good batch they will run easy!
  4. Try loosen timings and 2T for added stability
  5. .........like everyone else have had huge problems getting stable, and I think I have experienced everything in the sticky threads. Ballistix being a big part of that.....but now I have got new ones!! hooray!!! I had some dodgy Crucial Ballistix that I bought off of eBay (dont recommend buying memory second hand!) Crucial still swap out 3rd party DIMMS for life on Ballistix so you cant go wrong once they are working. Crucial are good value and the service has certainly made up for the unreliability considering. My new STABLE settings are: 3200+ @ 2500Mhz FSB: 250 LDT: Auto RAM: [email protected] (1:1) (they are 503s so have to run at CL3 ) LDT: 1.2 CPU Startup: Auto CPU VID: 1.4 Spec CPU VIs: 104% DIMM VOLTAGE: 2.7v (Run at 2.75v as recommended by Crucial) I am running chipset at 1.7v and it is 40c idle and 48c load, think these temps are OK but not sure.....anyone? All other settungs default really, and anything i dont use I disable. That beta bios is good for me and orange slots have certainly secured my stability with the new Crucial Ballistix PC4000 DDR500 2x512Mb. Words of advice if you want a cheap graphics card buy a Sapphire x800 GTO2. I know its only a gap filler, but I run NFS:Most Wanted and Lock On at FULL on all settings and its just beautiful!!! Its overclocked to a x850XTPE with stock cooling (never goes over 45c) and comes modded to 16pipelines out of the box. These are a special edition and I highly recommend. Good Luck! I am actually off to use the thing now :nod: All in all one hell of a beastly PC for £550! NOW A HAPPY MAN!!!
  6. Well I hope it can get to 250, as thats what it is rated at (DDR500 PC4000). I have no idea what I should run my CPU voltage at!
  7. Hi, I have just had my Ballistix swapped out (2x512). I want to run the memory at 250mhz but do not want to overclock the processor. So I can run 250 x 8 instead of 200 x 10 for my CPU. However I am such a numpty when it comes to VOltages and was wondering if I would need to change any of my valtages or whether they should stay on auto. I have found stability with 512 Corsair value, with all BIOS on auto. I got fed up with messin about. But Ballistix are back from Crucial now so not sure. I am going to run Ballistix at CL3.4.4.8 250Mhz FSB (they are CL3 version 503s not CL2,5 505). I was going to use a 2.7v DIMM voltage. Any recommendations????
  8. Hi, BASED IN UK I am selling some brand new Crucial Ballistix SEALED IN BOX They are DDR500/PC4000 2x512Mb Dual Channel DIMMS Received today direct from Crucial, but I have got a fantastic deal for some OCZ off ebay so no longer need these DIMMS. I am based in UK and can send Royal Mail special delivery tomorrow. Payment can be made by Cheque or Paypal. I am looking for £79 (not inc P+P) These retail at £120 Thanks for looking!!! and email me at [email protected] if you would like to buy. Thanks
  9. I think I made a huge mistake with my setup!!!! I have never had such issues before!
  10. Hi I have 2x512 crucial ballistix (very close to getting RMAd!!!!!!) I need to know what type of memory this is: UTT/BH-5/TCCD/TCCC/TCC5 Apparently certain ram works better in different slots. I must say I am at the point of selling my entire system. It works for a few days then wont cold boot. I have never had a PC on and off my desk. Struggling to fins stability even at stock. I have tried everything now I think. I use orange slots, 704-2BTA bios, 2T timing!!! Please advise, some say Ballistix in Orange slots some say they work better in Yellow. PC works fine in single channel with a single stick. But like the thousand of others out there I cant get any stability in dual channel. PLEASE HELP!
  11. Hi All, I am finally stable a stock speeds. My recommendations if you are having big stability issues. 1. Upgrade BIOS to 704-2bta from Tmods Nforce CD!! Awesome! (If you have Ballistix use this!!!) 2. Put RAM in orange slots for dual channel (caused so much instability with Ballistix) 3. Lower ram timings to 3-4-4-8 2T (the difference in speed is hardly noticeable) 4. If you dont use it turn it off (LAN, Firewire etc) 5. Turn off Errata 94 6. Turn off BANK INTERLEAVE and set TREF to auto in DRAM Settings 7. RAM @ 2.6v, unless specified otherwise (I run 2.8 for Ballistix as recommended by Crucial) 8. LDT @ 1.2v 9. CPU @ auto (200fsb, 1.4v) 10. DRAM @ SPD When building do not plug in any USB and use 1 DIMM. Then add things and test stability. I use OCCT, Prime 95, Memtest86+ to benchmark and PCWizard, CPU-Z and Sandra for system info. I hope this helps. I did overclock and can get a fairly stable rig at 250FSB, 2500mhz CPU, but the odd random crash was so annoying I have decided to run at stock until the games I play really need it!!! Just happy that I can run with dual channel right now. Seems to be the biggest problem for most users. Unfortunatley while this board is awesome (when its been tweaked) I will not be buying another one. Back to Asus next time for out of the box stability. Stu
  12. Excuse my electrical ignorance but is it because of my low 12v stat, I have 2x 12v rail with 32amp to them??? that was good i thought. Do I need to get more dead onto 12v to know i have enough power
  13. Good advice Steve. That worked for me and now I have a stable machine (thats a little overclocked) :nod:
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