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  1. HL2 anyone? i bought the orange box also so now im up to date on my half life goodness :nod:
  2. im pretty sure xp 64 bit version supports 4 gig ram. May or may not help..
  3. just make sure you lapp the xp120 really well using something very flat and with fine grade paper and take your time.
  4. good lad! i got jamiroqui on but im loving Dimmu, satyricon dont really do it for me tho.
  5. The Antec Superlanboy gets good reviews. Im happy with mine. It is cheap, light weight and looks good. Its small but still able to arrange cables and keep everything cool. I will say its not the most durable case tho.. with intention, as its designed for lan gamers the whole construction is fairly thin to keep weight down although i have never found this to be a problem (even tripping over it drunk a few times).
  6. must... save... need C2D.. must save need i600 dfi board!
  7. yeh basically read the oc'ing guide till you can remeber it word for word... or maybe something close. Theres also a guide on memory timings and how to oc the ram in much detail. (1t and 2t are both explained) Take your time... theres alot to learn and take in. I think i read the guide for about 2 weeks before i went into the bios! heres the link..... http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823
  8. I know its not really a comparision or anything but my HZ's have impressed me. Decent oc, Reliable.. (never had to RMA G'Skills) im happy with mine.
  9. i can vouch for the hz sticks. awsome oc'ers (mind you on my motherboard you get alot of volts to play with)
  10. The pci-e slot should be fine. what speed slot is it? I figured the bandwidth was large enough on pci-e anyway... least for a couple of years? Id have a look at the psu. Also i know it sounds silly... all the power connecters plugged in and working? (i say this cos i missed a power connnector on another card once and i took me weeks to work out where the instablility came from lol)
  11. jdang i was hoping you were gonna try this out... i was curious as im after a simerlar upgrade in the gfx department
  12. hmm well as u have tried every compnent im not sure what id say was wrong... ram timings? bios settings? other then that it sounds to me like when u rma'd the board the european tevhs in holland have missed something. did they say what they did when you rma'd the board?
  13. showing some love to this forum. i referd a few friends to this place when i was offline and all i got was thanks... i said all i done was give u the address. this forums blatenly the best support forum know to man. big up ag thunda and all the other big boys.
  14. as the topic states, i had a long period of absence. good to see the forums have a new look. still organised as ever... glad to be back online ( lost the internet for 6 months ) and i got a 144 opty on its was soon :D
  15. i think he means go from 2.4 to 2.5v
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