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  1. Thanks for that mate. I knew the sensor wouldnt be accurate i just thought it may at least give a constant read out cheers Scott
  2. I know you over volt your cpu to get it stable at higher speeds and you over volt the chipset to try to get a higher HTT. When would you over volt your LDT? I just wonder if it would help with power stabilisation as my cpu voltage jumps up and down a little from 1.424v to 1.404v I have tried connecting my spare 480w tagan up to power only the motherboard while my akasa was powering the rest and it was still fluctuating so that rules out the psu. Any advice? thanks Scott
  3. sgoaty

    RMA advice

    Thanks for the speedy replies guys
  4. sgoaty

    RMA advice

    I have recieved an RMa number for my faulty motherboard and I intend to send it back soon. On the site it says do not send any cables accessories etc as they will not be returned. Does this mean i should remove the cpu mounting bracket? thanks Scott
  5. I just done this today. wish id seen the guide first lol
  6. sgoaty

    PWMIC, what and where is it?

    where did you get that spec from thefabe?
  7. well I have the RDX200 now but I havent opened it I have heard more and more bad things about the board since i ordered it Im pretty sure im going to send it back
  8. Its the cpu socket facing the wrong way its messing up my case cooling hence increasing heat and noise
  9. I fancy buying the RDX200 due to the fact I have an ATI card and absolutely no intention to go SLI. I currently have an ultra D running my opteron 165 at 2.6Ghz (289 HT) 24/7. My only reason for wanting to change is the better board layout available by both this and the xpert board. Is this worth doing or should bit the bullet and get the xpert even though SLI is not for me? Thanks Scott
  10. I have heard they arent fantastic clockers though
  11. sgoaty

    Good Bye Asus, Hello DFI

    DrPcmd I think the dfi sound is pretty good compared to most onboard solutions but it isnt in the same league as the X-FI
  12. sgoaty

    Windows says its corrupt @300HTT

    Thanks for all the replys. I started a fresh clearing the Cmos etc then upped my voltages to the same as before and sett the FSB and HTT multi etc. I then went into the ram settings and set it to stock 2-3-5-2. It wouldnt boot at these settings but it does boot at 3-3-8-3. I will play some more
  13. Hello I Got my G.Skill ZX PC3200 2gb kit today and decided my opteron 146 was getting reinstalled in my SLI-DR. I previously ran this CPU at 3.05Ghz using a single 1gb stick of Geil value and again with 2x512Mb of Adata PC4000. When I try to start up with the same settings but with 2gb of ram the PC either hangs before the load screen or I get a message telling me windows is corrupt and I need to do a repair install. I am Currently priming at 2.95Ghz and all is going well but I really want to hit the magic 3 again can anybody suggest anything? thanks Scott P.S this is the rig mentioned below with the 3700 Sd and 2GB Geil swapped out
  14. Hi All the UK etailers are out of these I have managed to find them on US websites but I cant find any that ship to the UK. Can anyone help? Thanks Scott
  15. Thats a list Im glad to be on mate. I could do without the attitude. My settings are irrelevant because I know the Geil wont do what I want so I was looking for ram suggestions. You need to chill I was asking for help not trying to get on your nerves