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  1. if you are using standard windows xp home/pro, use this: AMD Opteron™ Processor PowerNow! Driver for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Version (exe) if you are using windows xp 64bit version, then get this: AMD Opteron™ Processor PowerNow! Driver for Windows XP x64 Edition and Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions Version (exe) 1.3.1
  2. fixed this problem quite a while back.....used the amd cpu driver...anyways now i am using a auzentech xplosion 7.1
  3. How about soldering? if i decide to do soldering, is there a need for any resistors or capacitors? or do i only need to solder the 2 contacts together?
  4. the fix actually simple....with u are using a dual core cpu....just go to www.amd.com and download the amd driver....install it and u r ready to go...but i still suggest that u get a soundcard....get a bluegear Xmystque....its better than the X-fi in my opinion
  5. u might have to wait for the thermal paste to burn in to allow it to have the optimal contact with the heatsink for best results....
  6. in my opinion, i dun think this is good....as u can see it exhaust the hot air on to the motherboard, not out of the casing...i rather wait for the upcoming Zalman VF900Cu
  7. translate using traditional chinese....anyways it seems to be from thermalright....as thermalright seems to be the only one that uses such beside...the one that got 42.2deg is the new coolermaster blue ice
  8. i was wondering if the ninja would block out the 1st pci-express 16x slot? if yes, can recommend me another heatsink?
  9. I don't know whether this has got to do with the motherboard or my X1800XL, but the weird thing is that when i play warcraft 3, it would be smooth.....but then after like playing for 1 to 2hrs, the main window(where it shows the terrian, wher ur character moves and attacks) in the game lags and jerk.....but the mini map and the character's avatar animation are still smooth.....the fps measured when this took place is at 100+ if u guys don't know wad am i talking about, here's a picture: i have no problems with other games at all...except for warcraft 3 ur help will be appreciated.....thanks in advnace
  10. stay away from kingston rams.....they have compatibility problems....go for ocz.....or maybe corsair......but i do know ocz rams will 100% work on the RDX200...oh ya...u wanna crossfire? u nid a x1800xt crossfire master card
  11. its so ugly i had to disable the splash screen....anyways i am shocked to see my X1800XL doing 89deg idle man......using ati driver to see the temp
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