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  1. It's a original replacement case for my son. When they shipped his personal belongings back from Italy, it was damaged. Nothing special, he's just wanting things "back to normal". I'm just having one of those Dads moments.
  2. Thanks for the reply folks. Never woulda thought cases would have international restrictions. [or limited distribution channels] ----- weird
  3. :confused: google'd - yahoo'd & every other search tool avail :confused: Getting nowhere finding even a U.S. retailer for Akasa caes. I'm needing some direction in locating this case folks
  4. Akasa AK-ZEN-01 Anyone know who sells um here in U.S. thanks
  5. Where exactly, are the official DFI chipset drivers for Vista ? X86 Swore i'd seen um before......
  6. Not many have been DOA....according to threads i've read. You'll be up & running again shortly. Hang-n-there
  7. I'm reading mostly positive results with the FX55, concerning temps. Overall , most folks are not having cooling issues using the proper paste and coolers. I'm sticking with the Golden Orb. This thing cannot be heard,it's that quiet. [only runs shy of 2,000 RPM] I'll sacrifice a few degrees for not having to hear the dang thing purring in the background. Plus its decently priced and super easy installation using the mobos existing mounting holes. I was never fond of clips. I'm getting 26-29 idle & 31-36 full load gaming. Gonna spend a few hours tomorrow experimenting with various bios's and get back into the genie. Hopefully, this thread will help us all achive some killer FPS's & stability.
  8. I've always thought F.E.A.R. to be one of the most intense graphics games I activly play. I ran the FPS test within the games advanced video settings and included the results screen shot below. I've never even come close to the kind of numbers I just got. Video Settings on Max, FSAA 4x, AF 16x, Soft Shadows Off, 1440 X 900
  9. Where i'm at currently. Extremly stable with no issues so far. The memory I have's not the best , so i'm figuring finding the sweet spot with freq-muti is bout the only place i'm gonna get increases. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=9071202 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=9071213
  10. Dang..... Neweggs gotta have the fastest shipping out there. Anyhooo , swapped out the 2 CPU's and booted up w/o any changes. [yet] 2850 with existing settings. Will begin tweaking later.
  11. Good Deal !!!! Myself and others are deffinatly interested.
  12. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh........ I coulda shoulda woulda done alot of things. Thinking of the various toys I can buy with that $456.00= PRICELESS FX60 $595.00 FX55 $139.00 ____________ $456.00 DIFF
  13. UPS's tracker shows [mine] a Monday delivery. Looking foward to seeing how you "new converts" are doing with the transformation. Kinda cool that some are getting good results just plugin' and playin' Since it appears most of us current swappers are running different specs...... the main genie settings are things i'd certainly be interested in hearing from you folks. Which version you guys get ??? CABYE 0524VPMW has been recieved by some already. Which are supposeebly the good ones ??
  14. I'm hoping my Gold Orb's gonna do the job. The things extremly quiet. Has kept the 3800+ Chilly
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