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  1. Just make sure to wire them in paralell so the voltage isn't split between them.
  2. I'm not sure of prices or compatability, but I know there's alot of smallish touchscreens in the car audio applications.
  3. I'm 100% stable at 1.39v and 240 fsb (2.4 ghz). I'm not sure what stock is - I have it on auto. a 104% voltage got me stable at 2.5 ghz, and 110% almost stable at 2.6 (I think I needed a memory divider at that point), but for my processor the "sweet spot" seems to be 2.4 ghz. I just got unlucky, I guess. It's really luck of the draw with OC'ing, especially with these dual cores, so you may have found your limit.
  4. I had some stability issues at 250 fsb and stock voltages, but a 4% voltage increase has made it rock solid @ 2500 MHz. I'd like to push it a bit more, but I don't want to significantly decrease the life of the processor. I plan on testing it at 260 and 270 fsb with a maximum voltage increase of 10%. The manchester core doesn't seem to overclock as well as the toledo, though.
  5. My nf4 chipset temps average 48 idle, 52-53 load. It has a 7800gt right over it, and I'm worried that this is too hot. MBM 5 also reports a "PWMIC" temperature of 51 idle, around 55 load. I'm no expert and as such I'm not sure what this is, but both of those temperatures seem pretty high to me. I am running prime95 20hr stable, but longevity is a concern of mine. Any input would be appreciated.
  6. I am very new to just about everything about building your own computer, and I was able to get it to work without too much trouble. I have the SLI-DR, and I believe that our boards are at least similiar enough for the instructions to be the same: I first moved all the jumpers down to the lower position (6 in all). Then, I plugged my second card in and put on the bridge. I plugged my monitor into the first (top) card. I didn't have to mess with the bios at all. When I started windows, a message popped up saying that I have an SLI-capable system and asked if I would like to enable it. I did, and now all is just fine After that, I just updated to the latest drivers and everything is running great.
  7. I just set up my computer today, and everything went exceptionally smoothly, but I cannot connect to the internet. Using the same cable modem and physical cable on a different computer, it connects instantly. When I plug it in, I can use ipconfig and get a IP address, and windows shows that the computer is sending data, but doesn't recieve any. I've installed the drivers for both adapters. Any ideas?
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