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  1. it's 7/6/2005, i increased the vcore to 1.55, now everything seems ok, for now. i dont' know why, but thank you ^^.
  2. ok i just checked. it's 24 pin not 20 pin, and with a 4 pin small one, sorry about that. ^^ i have the 24 pin, 4 pin, the floopy one and one looks like the power for old type hdd plugged.
  3. yes i have both plugged in. the 20 pin + 4 pin. and it works fine before
  4. I got this weird problem for a long time, and it's coming again. 2 or 3 month ago, i found that when i turn off my pc, it won't boot. so i opened it and the yellow light is flashing, so i tried to reset the comos, then it works. but... after like few weeks, it happens again when the power cut (due to thunder) and it wont' work even i reset the cosmos, the yellow light on the motherboard keep flashing. finally i figured i have to reconnect the power again and again on the motherboard (20 pin power) manually till the light turns solid then i can turn the pc on. Please... help me, it's really annoying and i dont' know what's going on. i have to reconnect the 20 pin on my motherboard over and over again to turn it on everyday.
  5. realnicholas

    Cant start computer after turn off

    i dont' have a digital mm and i am really really tired to unplug everything and test again.... here's what i solve the problem. increasing the vcore to 1.5v, then everything works fine. as long as it works. i am happy. ^^
  6. realnicholas

    Cant start computer after turn off

    yes. it's been running for whiles (3 month) without any problems. i'll try to update the bios first. see how it goes thanks
  7. ok when i turn off my computer then try to start it again, it just wont' do it. I have to turn off the power on my psu for like 3 secs, then turn it on, then everything's fine. what's causing this? my motherboard keep flashing (yellow) when failed to start
  8. realnicholas

    CPU fan not spinning

    nah. it has a S.M.A.R.T build in "software" it spins when needed, if u dont' like it. use smartguardian to keep it spinning.
  9. realnicholas

    standby problem

    thank you very much ^^ i thought something wrong with my system. now like you said just disable the function, that's it. thanks.
  10. i got this weird problem, i set my computer to standby after 20 mins. before the standby, everything works fine. after standby and power on again, 3 leds on... cpu temp went from 35 to 45 and goes up. what is causing this problem? did anyone got the same problem? thanks