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  1. Hi, I've been using 2 gig's of these gold OCZ's for quite some time now. Nothing but smooth sailing. OCZ-5001024ELGE x 2
  2. You know what, If the memory was bought in a set, Im pretty sure the guys over at bleedin edge would be happy to either swap or replace your modules. Go to that site, they have a few OCZ tech dudes over there for support. You may know of the site. They have helped me a couple of times. One other thing in particular, OCZ sticks normaly love the higher voltages, Not these.... Lower your voltage some and they will probably start working like you want..I'm not positive, but I think mine leveled out very stable at like 2.6v or less. I'll check and post back, I just remember, as soon as I lowered the memory voltage, things got stable. Not one problem since.
  3. Hi, I have ..... Quake 4.. 30.00 CD version Box and book, and all. ............ Pacific Fighters new unopened in box... 25.00 Let's share the shipping... Thanks
  4. ~~~~~~~~~~BAMM~~ SOLD,, to the kind young gentleman from Texas...~~~~~TYVM DFI-street
  5. KABGE is the 4000+ and it's a San Diego Retail Box... and the Opteron is a CABGE OEM. Im selling a Heatsink fan with either one of these... I have to/. thanks for asking
  6. Never mind on the Bass cabinet.... I just bought one......... 4000+ and cooler for 299.99. Weekend Sale Smokin good Deals over here at MrDaks North ha ha.. cooler will have small freight charge, to cover the weight. TYVM:angel:
  7. ALL is SOLD except for my 4000+ thats listed in a seperate thread.............. 300.000 for a 4000+ and a brand new Zalman 7000b CU-LED... All Copper with a cute LED Heatsink fan cooler.. the cooler goes for 40.00 plus shipping at the egg..... This is a fair deal folks..
  8. Edit by THunDA.. In the future please edit your category to sold like this.. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23803 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Both the cpu and the Zalman for 300.00. The cooler is still in the box, and the 4000+ is a KABGE. Hardly ever used the chip. It's only 2 months old. If you have a nice bass cabinet I might consider a trade. Something that can handle at least 400watts.................. C'mon, Lets Deal Folks.. New 4000+ at the egg 335.00 New Zalman 7000B CU. at the egg, 39.00 300.00 for both of these New from me ain't bad.. I'll pay the shipping onthe chip. and split it on the heavy butt cooler. Thanks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~TYVM
  9. The Mobile 2600+ is SOLD and the Gamer GX is reduced to 140.00 The 3200+ is SOLD Madgravity, The Gamer GX isn't the best memory for overclocking although it will oc fairly well. What I've been doing is taking advantage of the tight timings. I've been running things like this,--- 217mhz 1:1 1t using 2.9v and leaving my cpu at default 1.35v. 217x12. NVmonitor shows Mem434,HT1085,PCX2500. That works great for me. I never really bothered benching the ram, I just figure if I can play demanding games for hours and hours and never have a problem, then all is good. I've had no problems doing just that with this memory. No BSOD's, no reboots, It's just fast, tight, stable memory....not really your overclocking type of stuff....I know if you feed it the voltage, it will keep right up with you. I tell you what. I'll never use these extra two sticks, and I need some cash. I' ll sell the pair for ~~~ 140.00 buyer pays the couple dollars postage.
  10. I know my Opteron 150 doesn't like high voltage like you have.. 1.475 Try to run cpu voltage on auto, and consider the fact that you're running 2.7ghz with cheap ram like your sig says. I didn't know the 165 defaulted at x9 my 150is x12. does the 165 say the cpu voltage is variable ? Yeah man,,, thats way too high I just checked...the 165 defaults at 1.3/1.35, and Im pretty sure thats all it needs.
  11. Hi, Its a IQYHA0401MPMW 70.00 shipped and I forgot to mention, I have a Zalman 7000BCU LED unopened for sale....... 35.00 and help with shipping....It's heavy. LoL
  12. Also, an OCZ DDR booster for 25.00. Never could use it either... I also have a 4000+ A64 but I need to look into what I should sell it for. PM me or email [email protected] UPDATE.... 2600+ and 3200+ SOLD The OCZ GOLD GX Price reduced to 140.00 for the pair. Lets Deal !! thanks. The Memory is SOLD Thank you DFI street I much appreciate the use of your internet real estate ...............TYVM
  13. Look at my sig....My 150 stays below 38c....right this second, she's 31c Thats with AS 5... Zalman is my recommendation
  14. The best and most important tip you're getting here, is about the TT PSU. The wattage ain't the issue. It's the way the PSU handles the amperage. I went with the Modstream 520w. It's a few dollars less, but the cables are much nicer. Not like the powerstreams extremely too long cables. Look at the modstream 520 too. It's a bada$$ PSU. shame you didn't look into the NEC ND 3540-A DVD-RW...It's dual layer, works great, and under 50.00....These days, you don't need a CDrom..You could have picked up 2 DVD burners to do it all, for less $$$$... You made an excellent choice for your memory, just be sure to read up on how things change when you use more than 2 dimms. If you ever add more memory, do it so you just use two slots, not three or four. two sticks, for dual channel. Fun building a PC isn't it ~~~~~~ good luck
  15. Hi, does anyone have a pic they could post of the chipsetfan removed, on an Ultra-D ? Im wondering if it's an enclosed chip, like the NF7sv.2 was or more like an Abit AN8. Do you know what I mean ? Im keeping an extra fan on my chipset till I feel like taking the board out. Thats keeping the temps below 42c under load. I would greatly appreciate a pic please.. Thanks
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