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  1. i have two for sale... one 10x HP burner and one 8x Sony burner....email me at: [email protected] for prices and pictures.
  2. you don't overclock the XPs. You UNLOCK them. the amd xp 1500+ - 2000+ are ALL the 2000+ chip, it's jst that anything under the 2000+ chip and UNDERCLOCKED so in rality you are just making it run at what it was made for. But yes...you can get an unlocking kit at: www.highspeedpc.com
  3. http://www.thebestcasescenario.com/
  4. you are corrct bud. The alienware cases are just a painted version of the ANTEC which in reality is the CHieftec case. which is also the wavesonic case, etc. EVERYONE carries this case...
  5. yup..that's right. It will NOT work unless they are the exact same CPU...i had that same question a while back! LOL
  6. LOL a 1700+ with a volcano 5?!?!?! that's your problem right there! Volcano 5 says it can stand up to that much, but you just need aneew heatsink. I have about 50 heatsinks.. email me: [email protected] and i'll sell you one for cheap
  7. if that's the case, then ther eshould eb a JUMPER on yopur motherboard that says starytup even when there is no fan hooked into the CPUCOOLER pins. this should work for you
  8. what are you guys tlaking about?!?! http://www.twistedmods.com/modules....rtid=20 there..complete how to on overclocking it. the program is a link on that page also near the top. That's ALL you need. You can change frequency and mhz! that's what we all use at twistedmods.com
  9. AMD Duron/Athlon processors = not good for overclocking because they are already hot as it is. I am aDIE hard fan of AMD, but these things just do NOT run cool enough to play with. ALso- some CPUs just come from the factory more tolerable to higher multiplyers, that's why you can take two duron 600 and get one to 700 and one to 800. It sucks, but that's just the way that life goes
  10. it's not possible bro--- from what i have done, read and understood/overheard, it can not be done and WINDOWS must be installed first in order to perform the dual boot. I may be wrong but i am 75% sure that i am right..
  11. espn...on their website...LOL www.caseace.com
  12. I know there are some dfinate fans on both side of this arguement...BRING IT...someone start it off and i'll root for AMD all the way!
  13. just a queston, but what is the POINT? you need to go over to your computer and type and use the mouse anyways...(unless you have optical mosue and keyboard which suck). It sounds cool but it's not worth the time nor the money...
  14. I have reviewed this on my site, www.Twistedmods.com and it's called fRontx from www.frontx.com... and the answer to your question si YES!!! it does shut off sound to your speakers the ehadphones are plugged in...i'm doing it right now!
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