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  1. lol, well actually i have a new PSU. its an Antec trupower 550. sorry i forgot to update. this just isnt one of the main forums i go onto.
  2. does anyone know if the ocz performance modules are ch 5? cause i dont want to raise the voltages that high without knowing for sure it wont blow up lol. i cant get my RAM even to stock settings without having problems watching video. also i get little dots that look like dead pixels. i dont know what to do!!!! i know its not my PSU cause i now have an antec 550 truepower. please help! i really dont feel like getting new ram.
  3. ahhh finally i found a thread with the same problem as me!!!! anyways...i have 4*512 gigs of OCZ PERFORMANCE RAM which is the same as the enhanced latency stuff(dont know for sure). i have the same problems with viewing video and cant get my ram even to STOCK speeds. should i just boost the voltages?
  4. now i have a new antec 550 watt PSU and the problem is STILL happening....
  5. 1. yes 2. 2.6(stock) im underclocking it so i dont think it should be raised. 3. will do
  6. i have a very similar problem with my ocz performance ram. i cant set my ram at 200 mhz when i oc, only below that. i may try to RMA it also.
  7. hello, i have had this problem ever since i got my 2 new sticks of OCZ performance RAM(4x512). the problem i have been having is that when i OC my cpu at a stable 2.8(255*11) i try to use a 5/6 divider which makes my ram run at 200 mhz(almost exactly). when i get into windows i notice that i have little red dots that look kinda like dead pixels everywhere all over my windows and start menu. also when i play a video my display just flashes black for a few times then eventually i get the BSOD. I HAVE TrIED EVERYWHERE FOR THE SOLUTION and no1 seems to know the answer. i dont think my ram is defective cause it runs fine at stock and when i use a 3/4 divider(ram runs at 187 mhz) it also runs fine. my cpu is stable enough and my ram timings are manually set to the defualts. i was also wondering if there were any other things that i should adjust instead of the timings(response time, run cycles, the options under the timings...forgot most of them...)i also have it set to 2T. my current timings are 2.5-3-3-7. i would greatly appreciate any help. thanks
  8. hey, i was playing guild wars and my comp just randomly restarted. i thought maybe it was an overheating issue. after monitoring my temps i noticed that my mobo was running at 53C and my north bridge at around the same. my cpu isnt the problem cause its running at 48-50C full load plus it is oced to 2.8 stable. my graphics card is right on top of my mobo fan and was thinking that it was causing most of the heat.
  9. hmmm i think i have had that same problem. are u having trouble playing video and games? my solution was to raise timings and lower clock speeds. also sometimes different kinds of ram dont take certain dividers like mine so i had to use a 3/4 divider
  10. yea my ram wont take a 5/6 divider for some reason without having problems so i have to use a 3/4. my ram is at like 183 mhz and it doesnt seem any slower and i got 50 more points in 3dmark06 so im happy. may play around with some differnt clock speeds/dividers later.
  11. yea well my ram cant oc for sh!t and my psu is crap...eventually ill get a new 1 but for now im doin fine. 4360 in 3dmark 06!!!
  12. if some1 listed all of the options in the dram section of my BIOS and put the most stable settings it would be REALLY helpful and i would greatly appreciate it. sorry for the double post also.
  13. well..i got it workin at a 3/4 divider which is a about 184 mhz and the cpu at 2.75 . i can live with that. but when i use a 5/6 divider which brings it to about 196 mhz it cant play video. my psu is an aspire 500 watt. also i have been playin around with the timings alot but im not sure what some of the options mean. could some1 explain to me what the most stable timings i could use? and yes i use a 5/6 as well with my 2 sticks and it worked fine at 2-3-2-5
  14. when i installed my other 2 512 sticks od ocz performance ram it worked fine on stock, but when i oced my cpu to 2.4 and put a 5/6 divider on the ram to make it equal 200mhx(which is the stock speed) there are problems. in windows i cant play a video without my screen going black and freezing. also in mozilla firefox im getting little red dots that look like hot pixels but arent. i have tried every single voltage/timing configuration u can think of. i set the ram to 2T. are there any other things i should try? :confused: :confused: Thanks
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