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  1. hi all, i really want to unlock the power of the newark, i know a lot of you on here have got it to the 3.0ghz barrier but i am having a hard time getting it to overclock. after a hundred or so variations of my bios memory timings/fsb/voltages, i have concluded my memory is not allowing me to overclock past 2.7ghz stable. i wanted to know if these mushkin redlines will work with my nf3 board? is it possible to run these in ddr500? i think i would get a huge performance boost if possible. if there are any other modules u would like to recommend please do so, thanks! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820146034
  2. thanks guys for all your input, i really should of posted this in the cooling section. sorry about that. can anyone recommend a couple of more bolt thru coolers besides the big typhoon and zalman series? i don't really want to spend over 35 dollars on a cooler but i guess i will if there is no other choice. i like that Thermaltake Series TMG A2 but i think that is clip on too but not sure?
  3. ok sweet, now with this film on mind, i was going to get a bolt on big typhoon. I'm looking at my chip now and putting some extra electrical tape on top of the film, i may be able to use my clip cooler for now and get the aftermarket cooler later? would this be ok if i can make the core align with the tape? would my cooler get good contact with the core without the IHS?
  4. hey guys, i just got my mobile 4000+ chip. there is a thin film of plastic covering the L1/L2 cache and the film is cut off over the core. This is normal right? I don't have to take the film off do I?
  5. hey guys, i'm going to purchase a newark mobile 4000+. i plan to try overclocking it on my dfi board to 3.0ghz but will need a decent cooler to acheive this. i beleive i need a bolt on cpu. i found one on new egg, will it suffice? thanks! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835118112
  6. thanks yo for that info, i will try the electrical tape and post my results.
  7. ok, i'll try that today, but do u think the extra juice from those harddrives had something to do with this?
  8. Hi all, I ordered two new Sata 250gig hitachi drives. so i plugged them both in in my rig and hit the power button. the power comes on for a split second then shuts off. i detatched the harddrives and tried again and now its doing the same thing? my psu is only about 2 years old. its a 550watt quiet coolmax. i'm confused, any probable ideas why this is happening?
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to build a raid 1 on my NF3 250gb. I'm looking at getting 2 Hitachi 500gb drives which will give me 500gb with raid 1. Now from doing some research, it seems the best way to go about this is getting not 1 but two raid controller PCI cards for my motherboard so I can effectively achieve double read speed. I plan to save important financial documents/music/video/games so I really do need that extra drive just so i can feel comfortable in case one drive fails. Also speed would be plus if both drives are working simultaneously for me. 1) do I really need two controller cards? will this increase the read speed overall? 2) can anyone recommend any sata raid controller cards which will work nicely with my mobo and linux? THANKS!
  10. hi, i bought a 40mm fan via 3 pin for my chipset for active cooling. is there a way i can get a switch mod so I can turn the chipset fan on and off because it is loud and annoying. i would like to have a simple small switch in front just for the chipset control on/off. i'm mainly going to turn it on while gaming. any suggestion? there is so many threads I can't find the solution. i beleive i did see it before but i can't find it now. thanks.
  11. ya its pretty cock diesel but will cool a chipset like nothin, i guess the fins on it are specialy made so it uses passive cooling efficiently but i was going to use a 70mm fan anyways, i may just list it on ebay but was tryin to save the listing and final value fees. if someone wants it for 20 bucks, lemme me know, i'll cover the shipping, just 20. my ebay id is "puss_rules". thanks all and for bumps!
  12. hey guys i bought this on sunday and it just arrived today. It was originally going to fit but I also got the zalman fatality with it and this chipset heatsink won't fit because of the fins on the zalman extend too far out. I'd rather have the fatality on my vga. I paid 27.00 for it shipped. U can mount a 70mm fan on it too with the included plastic strips for active cooling. I included a picture of it below, if you are interested make me an offer via pm. i'll go lower than 27, thanks! see if it fits on your mobo with the link below: http://www.thermalright.com/a_page/main_su...rboard_hr05.htm
  13. k thanks yo, i appreciate your help, i don't even have the newark 4000+ yet but i plan on it maybe in the summer, hopefully, it will fall under 300 dollars which is still kinda expensive for s754. i am replacing my stock heatsink right now with that arctic64pro so once i get the newark, i might just get a zalman bolt on like u said instead of using the IHS.
  14. i don't know, i'm still new at this. will a mobile pad IHS still work for the time being? i already bought an arctic64pro cooler so i wanted to experiment with the IHS before upgrading to a bolt-on. thanks.
  15. hi, how are you guys cooling your newark 4000+? are u able to get a mobile pad like from msi's website(https://shop.msicomputer.com/App/StoreFront...il.aspx?ID=1021) and then put some as5 on it and use any clip on cooler? is this a good solution?
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