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  1. My ram wasn't overclocked it was running 2.6v @ DDR400 base and still crashed. dual prime stable 24 hours memtest stable for 24 hours games were really the only other problem other than a weird bug i got when booting up one day that went away. Either way the problem has been corrected. I replaced the HZ with Corsair 3500LL-Pro pair and now its 100% stable in every aspect. I tested the HZ in a few other DFI boards I have in various machines and the conclusion is that one of the sticks is faulty. Doesn't work by itself at all. The only downfall is I can't get the Corsair to run stable above 250mhz 1:1, but it performance wise it seems to be on par with the HZ @ 260mhz originally.
  2. Tried all the volt crap suggested on other forums and still nothing, either the motherboard is xxxxed or that stick is trash, going to try the the corsair xms and see what happens.
  3. I've had this setup for awhile now and have consistently had problems with crashes since probably a month or so after I built the machine. The crashes are only occuring when I play certain games. Windows runs perfect and never crashes. I can memtest all day long with both sticks seated in the orange slots (the yellows don't work well) Now, the problem is that I am sick of games crashing. I literally can't play anything worth playing for more than 5 minutes before my computer hard locks. Originally I thought it was a video card issue, but after putting my 7800 into another machine using a DFI SLI-D mobo it ran the same games with out any problems. I've tested my PSU and it outputs proper power and I have every power connection on the motherboard connected. Last night in a fit of rage I removed the memory and tested it 1 stick at a time in various slots... First Stick: Posted in both orange slots, but wouldn't boot into windows. Neither yellow slot worked. Second Stick: Posted both orange slots, only boots to windows in the slot furthest from the cpu. Also seems to work in Yellow slot 3, but not 1. After booting into windows with just 1 stick of memory I loaded up some games that 9 times out of 10 crash with in the first 5 minutes. I was able to play for over an hour with out a crash. I popped the other stick back in, cleared the cmos, reset defaults etc. Booted to windows and crashed about 10 minutes after opening the game. I then came to the conclusion that that stick of memory is f'd up, but I still have my doubts given that I can memtest with 0 errors forever with both sticks and windows never crashes and I never get any errors about memory. I can even overclock and run then 1:1 @ 270mhz fsb with out crashing windows ever. However no matter what speed I am at stock or overclocked the games always crash. A friend of mine with the same setup says that . loads of people have had problems with memory in these boards and that I should up the voltage on my chipset to help it and even up the ram voltage by +.1 as there is an apparent ram voltage defect on the boards? He said he used to crash alot in games, windows usually ran fine though and someone suggested he do those things and now he never crashes at all... So my question is..should I get new memory, or are these valid things I should try? I have a spair set of Corsair 3500LL-PRO that I ran in there for about 24 hours and memtested fine, windows fine, but I get random crashes in games, so im thinking its more or less a motherboard thing...any input would be great!
  4. Weird, I get the same issue for certain things. My Video IPOD causes that message to pop up and it lists all the usb ports I have available as compatible USB2.0 ports. However, when I plug in my miniDV camcorder which requires USB2 or FireWire it doesn't give me the message and works fine. I also have an issue with multiple USB devices being connected. Currently only have Mouse and Keyboard using USB, when I extract a file my mouse randomly stops moving for a fraction of a second. Or when I plug my IPOD in, even if I am doing nothing with it, just plugged in and on my mouse does the same freezing thing. I know a few other people with the same PC setup as me and they can run 5 usb devices at the same time with no problem, so I am at a loss as to what may be the problem.
  5. I've been having a similar issue, but it only happens when I play WOW. I get the lost of video signal (monitor turns off) and horrible broken record screeching noise. After a full rebuild I can say I really have no idea what it is other than to say that today I had some messed up memory problem so now I am thinking it may have been related. After testing each stick on its own in all the slots, and then resetting the CMOS my computer now at least boots up fine and seems to be working with the same OC i've always had. Both sticks of memory passed memtest #5 for about 15 runs each. So i am inclinded to think it is an issue with the motherboard in some way, but I have no proof. What was interesting though was the weird corruption that was visible on my screen, looked almost like an video card OC gone wrong and after the reset of the cmos its fine now. I'll post back if it happens again, but for now im keeping my fingers crossed. Quick Edit: I did reset settings to stock as a first step, but had the same issues so its not that plus the settings im running are dual prime stable for 26hours.
  6. mlinz23

    New system not booting

    Any power at all when you hit the switch or just nothing at all?
  7. Have any of you tried setting the video detect priority or whatever its called manually? I dont know why this would cause the problem, but why not ;0
  8. mlinz23

    My new toy - x2 3800

    Yeah I ran into issues at 2.7 core1 goes for 10+ hours in prime and Core 2 fails in like 10 minutes. Thought I'm surprised it took that much voltage for 2.5...mine is running nicely at 2.6 w/ 1.4v and the same mem running 1:[email protected]
  9. mlinz23

    Which ram?

    GSkillz Baby!
  10. mine hits 2.6 @ 1.4v - I can hit 2.5 @ stock volts prime stable.
  11. yeah, I know yours is running a little faster than mine, I just can't believe that the small difference there would account for so much. Is your 7800 overclocked at all? *update* I overclocked my 7800 to 480/1100 and im up to like 4,400 now pretty good. I dont really care about 3dmark anyway, I'm just trying to figure out if I have a hiden issue hehe
  12. mlinz23

    My new toy - x2 3800

    Mine is resting comfortably at 2.6ghz with 1.45v (think it does it at 1.4 though forgot to write it down before I messed with it and forgot what it was at originally at 2.6) Temps are 29c idle. What was the stepping for yours, ComeUpon 2.8 sounds mighty nice, thats like the performance of a stock FX60 you must be pushin over 25,000 mips.
  13. mlinz23

    Newbie Overclocking problem

    i've never used an NF3 board or socket 754 so I probably shouldn't comment on them
  14. Mine don't go past 260, but I haven't played with them much yet..just reserving a spot here saruman - Your system is similar to mine different is my memory is at 260mhz 1:1 and your like 50mhz faster CPU wise, but your getting maybe 200mips more than I am....just a question here Your getting 4671 in 3dmark06 and I only get like 4100...wtf is up there? I was kind of pissed it was that low, when a buddy of mine with the same system with a GTX score liked 800 more marks than me...also if you have a compare URL i'd like to view it...my 05 score is way below yours too so i dun know.