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  1. Progerien, ofcourse if your upgrade path is directed toward dual core CPU, the 65 nano fabricated AX2 would be the ideal upgrade path for U. But i think for its price, single core AM2 3000+/3200+ is a decent stopgap before getting that dual core one.
  2. Progerien, why don't you get a 3000+/3200+ Orleans, they're dirt cheap and OC very well. DDR2 800 divider won't be a prob with those CPU i believe.
  3. Oops, that's an Orleans core, not Windsor one, sorry. I guess what has happened in Venice core happens yet again in Orleans core, the lower grade chips actually OCs better than the higher grade ones. Most 3200+'s reach 2.9 GHz or more here in my country -with enough juice , some folks even reach 3-3.1 GHz with just 1.55-60v with their 3000+ APMW/MPMW, outstanding result for a 70 US$ chip. :drool:
  4. Yeah, this Infinity board has a slightly different CPU socket bracket design than the reference, using a plastic pin rather than a screw to plug the bracket onto the MoBo. Actually it's different than what DFI shows us in their website, which uses screw -AFAIK if the plugging uses screw, then the MoBo MUST have a backplate, usually a plastic one.
  5. You've got a dualcore bro, it would be tougher to push it any higher. Watercooling would be better for sure, just don't use preinstalled product, build it on you own with some selected parts -and they don't have to be EXPENSIVE parts, trust me on that.
  6. Nope, not crazy nor overflowing with cash, i just think that as long i can keep the temp within reasonable level, the rather high Vcore wouldn't hurt, eventhough i must say the chip longevity must have got reduced somehow.:cool: And i believe it's not the voltage, but HEAT as your chief OCing enemy, CMIIW.:confused:
  7. @radodrill, thanx for the enlightening info bro, appreciated.
  8. Yeah, decent OCing on single core Orleans, though the CPU batch is not a good one, 0620 SPDW. It's my 24/7 setting, cause it's gaming stable, though not quite prime stable -always fail after running for about 3 hrs. :cool: The RAM is memtest stable though, and adding Vcore to the CPU doesn't help at all, so i'll just sit back and enjoy, i'm not planning on putting my set up in OCDB anyway.
  9. The AM2 compatible bracket would look exactly like this : Notes: The AM2 compatible bracket would work with any TT HSF that use bracket in the first place, even their waterblock product.
  10. I've been pushing my 3200+ Orleans @3.04 GHz with 1.65v Vcore for the past 2 months under watercooling. I wonder what's the longterm implication, though it runs quite cool with water, full load at just 50 c using CoreTemp.
  11. Comparing it with the result of Evercool original working in Denver, i guess this knock off does a pretty decent job afterall. Just make sure you lap it good before installing it onto the board, the original finish is BAD -horrifying BAD fo sho !
  12. The HSF is made from pure copper, to fit in the green Infinity MoBo, you've got to mod it a bit, by drilling a new pin hole to it. The stock chipset HSF diagonal pin hole space is about 2 mm shorter than what's available on this HSF, so i drill a new hole about 2 mm downward, and skewed it a bit to the right, to make sure it won't hit the little long silverish coloured resistor (?) a bit under the chipset spot. Don't forget to use the stock HSF pin on the new replacement HSF pin hole, simply because the original replacement HSF pin is too tall and interfering with the HSF fan.
  13. Here are the pics of that Evercool chinese imitation HSF : With this chipset cooler, chipset temp dropped from 63 c pre installation to just 47 c after.
  14. I think it comes from Intel standard CPU fan, which requires the 4th pin to control its RPM accordingly. It's a legacy from P4 presHOTT days, but my AMD 3200+ Orleans stock fan only has 3 pins, yet the MoBo can control its RPM according to the CPU temp without the need for the 4th pin, so what gives ?
  15. 3.3 GHz is rather hard to achieve with 90 nano AMD chips, especially without extreme cooling & for daily usage. Hopefully, 65 nano parts will fix that.
  16. Yep, something has to give in this problem, whether a defect CPU or a malfunction MoBo that need to be RMA'ed.
  17. Wow, a CFX3200-M2 Infinity board, certainly a teaser for an owner of an ATi X1900 XT VGA card like me.
  18. In Indonesia, Thermaltake distro sells the aftermarket AM2 bracket for old TT BigTyphoon, TT Waterblock, etc. Price is around 2 US$ per set. If your motherboard comes with socket backplate then you would only need one set, OTOH if it comes without the socket backplate, -DFI Infinity NF UltraII-M2 for example- you've got to buy a pair of them.
  19. Hey, your rig looks pretty neat and nice, just slap a better hsf for the NF4 chipset, and some heatsinks for those heat producing mosfets, that would help a lot in reducing system temp IMHO.
  20. On my AM2 rig using Orleans 3200+ & DFI Infinity NF UltraII-M2, running @3.004 GHz Vcore 1.65v, ITE SmartGuardian reads the CPU temp @28-29 c idle, 40-42 c full load, while using SpeedFan K8 sensor, it reads 37-39 c idle, 48-50 c full load. System temp @35-36 c, ambient room temp @30-32 c. Obviously, i trust the K8 sensor more, as i'm a cautious & conservative guy in OCing. I use a cheap, DIY watercooling system with Thermaltake W-0010 waterblock, a single 12x12 cm radiator, and a submersible Resun King 2 pump.
  21. Well, guys in Malaysia successfully modded this MoBo into SLI, check out this review : http://www.pcmoddingmy.com/e107_plugins/co...p?content.377.8
  22. I don't trust ITE cpu temp sensor too, i prefer SpeedFan K8 sensor, which is more logical related to my system configuration and OC setting. I push my Orleans 3200+ with 1.65v Vcore @3.004 GHz, using a DIY -cheap- watercooling. In ITE, idle temp is at 27-29 c, full load at 40-42 c. Using SpeedFan K8 sensor, it read idle temp @38-39 c, full load @48-50 c. My chipset temp is at 48 c max -using Evercool look alike cooler made by Xin Sheng Da, and the system temp is at 35-36 c. As you already know, i live in humid & hot Jakarta Indonesia, so my ambient unairconditioned room never goes below 30 c, peaking @ around 32 c @ 3 PM in the afternoon. About the chipset cooler, darn this Evercool chinese imitation is just as good as the real stuff, after getting some serious lapping job before installation -it's made from copper too. And it just cost me 6 US$ too, what a bargain !!
  23. They WILL do CAS 4 -esp. @ just DDR2 800, it's just the matter of how brave you are in putting some more 'juice' into those RAM sticks.
  24. Yep, i think the price should be back to its 'normal' level by January. Perhaps the real drawback in DDR2 is the fact that it's pretty hard for chipmakers to get a good yield for chips that capable of running @DDR2 800 speed. And AMD DDR2 rigs NEED DDR2 800 to reach its potential.
  25. You HAVE to either softmod the MoBo driver and use a specific version of ForceWare, or hardmod the NF4 Ultra chipset into NF4 SLI. Either way, Google is your bestfriend regarding this 'backdoor' solution to your need. I hope my post is not one of the taboo in this forum. If so, please just delete them. Thanx.
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