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  1. It's an interesting read! Please help ! (You could skip to the **** if you want to get to my current problem). OKAY... First let me start with some background of what has been going on... on my amd 3200+ venice, I kept the speeds at 240x10 (2.4ghz), and it was fine for awhile, but many months ago I started getting BSOD's... it ended up being my G.Skill RAM. I played with it and found out that raising the CAS from 2.0 to 2.5 or 3.0 makes me get BSOD's. The memory works fine at 200mhz 2-2-2-6, but since I can't raise the CAS... there goes overclocking it. At first I wasn't sure if it was my RAM or mobo, but I decided to buy some new G.Skill PC4400LE (same exact RAM, but the one on ebay had heatspreaders). I was getting the same problem, and I thought it was my motherboard. This weekend I went to a friend's house and tested the RAM. He couldn't boot either with it at 2.5. I heard someone else on this forum with the same problem [#17 on this thread]. He told me the G.Skill was gone altogether and that I should get new RAM. I did do that, but I got the same model, and I think I bought some with the same problem I had to start... no wonder it was for sale =[. Anyway, recently, I had been running a 5:6 divider so I could have my ram at 200mhz and CPU at 240mhz. I was stable. This past week I went to Fry's and got an opty 165 (CCBBE 0615DPMW). I had trouble taking out my xp-120, and when I finally got it out... the base thing (heatsink retention module) had a broken corner where the xp-120 hooks into. I ordered a new one off of ebay for $8, but in the mean time, I am using the stock opty 165 heatsink. ****Anyway, I was able to get to 245 x 9 (2.2ghz) at stock volts (1.33v in bios) orthos stable for the 10hrs I ran it. However, when I tried 267 x 9 (2.4ghz) [3:4 memory divider], I couldn't even load windows. It got to the black screen before windows, and the words that usually appear on the bottom did not show up. It would wait there for a little as if it were checking some things, but then it would restart. I think usually it says something like "Verifying DMI Pool" and something about CMOS (loading something?) and "Boot from CD:". None of those came. I have my LDT/HTT/FSB ratio thing at 3x, LDT Voltage at 1.3v, Chipset Voltage at 1.6v, and I even tried upping the Vcore to 1.4v, but same thing happened. I really feel like my motherboard is limited... I feel like 245mhz is my max... which is way too low I thought for an Ultra-D... I was running the 6-23-05 bios, but I flashed it to the latest (4-06-06), but I got the same thing. I do have a brand new DFI Ultra-D in box that I may be able to test with. The reason I have it is because I am giving a friend my Venice 3200+, one pair of the G.Skill I have, and that motherboard to make a computer for her. I am not sure if she would let me open up her new mobo, but she may, so that could be an option. But... that would only be if you guys really think I have a crappy mobo too... cause she would be fine with the my mobo (if we traded) I think, since it works fine at 240x10. But I would have to ask =]. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey guys. I haven't gotten a BSOD yet... This is amazing. My comp has been on for 15 hrs straight and not one BSOD. I passed superPI, passed OCCT, and ran Prime95 for 8.5hrs last nite. I already ran memtests 5 and 8 for 10+ loops and passed. This is all at stock settings. Thanks so much guys. I think you guys fixed it! I am so scared to start overclocking haha!
  3. WOW are you serious.... you had BSOD's and the data corruption problem...? OMG.... Wow you are my savior... My sister has 512mb kingston value RAM that I could test with. ARGH but what am I going to do... we can't get TCCD anymore can we =[. Is there any other memory I could get that can run 2.5-3-3-7 at 275mhz? This ram cost me over $250 =[.
  4. Hey guys. My memory passed the memtests at 200mhz. I was wondering if it was okay that I am doing a full format rather than the quick format, which wa suggested by Sharp. I feel like a full one will totally clean my hard drive, in case there is something weird about it. Did you suggest quick because its really fast, so it would save me time? Or was I really supposed to do quick for some important reason =X?
  5. Thanks guys. I hooked up the floppy connector, cleared the CMOS, and entered those bios settings that Sharp provided. I am letting memtest run through the entire thing 2 times. After, I will run tests 5 and 8 for 30mins each. After, I will format using the quick mode. I'll report back later and tell you if I have any trouble. Thanks again!!
  6. Wow thanks guys. I am going to try and install windows at stock by clearing the CMOS and using the settings that Sharp provided. I gotta save my files and do some stuff, and I'll get right to it. One thing though... I don't need to have the floppy power connector connected if I don't use a floppy drive right =o? Unless it is some odd and mysterious thing I don't know of haha. That's the only thing I don't have connected. Thanks again.
  7. Problem: Been getting BSOD's and this message (http://i11.tinypic.com/2rxedl2.png [without the aim.exe part]) while using my comp. *****Skip down to *** if you want to miss the interesting story that would probably help you in helping me!***** It's finally winter break, so I can work on fixing my comp... Here's the story ! I build my comp back in summer '05, and it had been pretty good till a few months ago when my comp started to restart randomly. I reformatted, and the problem was still there. I bought the 150GB WD Raptor that I am currently using, and it still persisted. Microsoft kept on telling me that it was an error caused by device driver, and sometimes it said video device driver. Sometimes I even got that it was caused by a hardware failure (CPU, Mobo, RAM, or PSU were the things they list as potential reasons). Then my friend told me that I needed to change it so windows wouldn't just restart when a problem occurs, but it would also display the BSOD. I turned that feature on like a month ago, and I started writing down some of the BSOD's. I used this site to read what they meant in a sense: http://aumha.org/win5/kbestop.htm Anyway about a month ago i got a message on my screen similar to this (minus the aim.exe part) http://i11.tinypic.com/2rxedl2.png I restarted my computer, the chkdsk utility ran, and it deleted many of the corrupt files on my computer. Much of my music in My Music, files on my desktop (including a 7 page research paper -_-), and others were not able to be used anymore due to being corrupt. I lost a lot of stuff, but it wasn't too bad... I decided to format again and had my other two drives unhooked even after installing windows (in case they were causing problems). I still got BSODs. I also got those corrupt directory messages as well. On Dec 22, I remember plugging in my 200gb drive because I wanted some files from it. It was in a kinda shakey shape... After the windows logo, my screen would just stay black... I forgot what I did exactly, but it included restarting many times until the chkdsk utility finally ran (don't remember if it was ok after just running once). I was kind of scared, but all my files were there and working. I shut down my comp for the night. The next day, the black screen thing happened again... It took a long time for the chkdsk utility to run, and it was difficult for me to get into windows. Might have taken me a few times, but I finally got into windows and checked on my 200gb HDD (which is in 2 partitions of 50 and 136 GB). The 50GB portion was saying something like RAW. The 136 had one file in it, but said there was 134GB being used (as there should have been but the files were missing...). They were pretty much inaccessible... I got that corrupt directory message and restarted in hope of fixing it with chkdsk. Ran many chkdsk's... [http://i16.tinypic.com/2dc7atj.jpg]. When I was finally able to load into windows, I checked to find both partitions totally gone... I inserted my windows disk to format the 200gb drive, and I got this... [http://i11.tinypic.com/2qiok6w.jpg]. I was really sad... lost videos, movies, pics, documents, logs, many programs, etc I had been saving for 5 years from all my comps (still am depressed ) ***START HERE IF YOU WANT TO SKIP THE STORY*** Since windows told me it was my video card, I tried using an old 2mb pci video card. I still got BSOD's (mainly the 8E one i think). I concluded that it probably isn't my video card. Then I ran memtest for 7hrs through my bios, and I got 0 errors. I concluded that it wasnt my memory. I think I am down to hard drive, processor, and motherboard. It's weird though... I feel like it would make sense to me that it is my hard drive, since I am getting those corrupt directory messages, but it's weird because I bought this 150gb raptor after I started having problems... my 200gb got totally corrupted 4 days ago (if you didnt read the story). I formatted today, and got the corrupt directory message as you can see in the first pic of the post. I get multiple BSOD's per day. They don't always say the same error code thing either. (I use this site to check them out, if you didn't read the story http://aumha.org/win5/kbestop.htm). The most common ones are probably 50, 0A, 8E, and 4E. The last one I got was 4E, and the site says, "This indicates that the memory management Page File Number list is corrupted. Can be caused by corrupt physical RAM, or by drivers passing bad memory descriptor lists." But I passed memtest for 7hrs+ outside of windows... SO CONFUSED What do you guys suggest? I am thinking about buying one of the following off of newegg: a new hard drive, the same motherboard, or an opty 165/170. I want to buy the one that is most likely causing the problem. If I replace that component, and the problem is still there, I guess I can return it, pay the 15% restocking fee, and try another one. As much as it would make sense that it is the hard drive, something tells me that it could be the motherboard, since I get a variety of errors... iono... AH... what to do.... Oh yeah... Something weird I forgot to mention is that I have my comp at 2.4ghz (from 2.0 stock). It is at 240 x10, with memory at 240mhz 2.5-3-3-7. I HAVE TO KEEP IT LIKE THIS LOL! When I turned off my overclock i could barely load windows... If I even made it to windows, my comp would crash within a minute. I am using the 623-3 bios, and I thought that reflashing it might fix the problem. Earlier this week I flashed my bios to 623-3 and cleared the CMOS, and I still couldn't load into windows at 2.0ghz. At 2.4ghz it was fine... It makes me think its my motherboard even more...
  8. I couldn't exactly find it, but I unplugged my 24 pin cable for a minute or so, and put it back it. MY POWER WORKS AGAIN!! YAY!!! Now I just need my comp to send info to my monitor .
  9. WOW. I think my power supply died or something... My friend said that when he was trying to fix his computer his power button stopped working as well. Then he took his comp to Fry's, and they told him that his power supply and motherboard had died. I hope this isnt the case for me. But if it is, I can get another power supply and mobo right? They both have manufacture warranties. EDIT: Wait a second, I plug in my power supply, and I still see the light turn on below my PCI slots. It's that one light that comes on when you plug in ure PSU. Does this mean that my power supply isn't dead? ANYONE?
  10. Yes I did that. I then hit Del to enter bios, and nothing was sent. OMG I got a new problem. My friend told me to take out my video card and see what would happen with the four lights. Usually it goes 434343434321, so he wanted me to check if it would do the same with no video card. I unplugged my video card. I pressed the power button, and nothing happened. It scared me so much so I put my video card back in, and tried again for power. Nothing happened. In other words: NOW I CANT EVEN POWER MY COMP!!! AHHH!!!
  11. OK 24hrs past, and I did it. The BEEP came, I pressed delete, and nothing was sent to my monitor. In other words: SAME PROBLEM! What now .
  12. Alright I guess I'll try a 24hr clear, but something tells me it still wont work .
  13. Alright well I finally followed the steps on the CMOS link. I did everything correctly, and I got to these steps: "When you hear the BEEP, release the Insert Key and press the Delete Key on the Keyboard. Once you enter the BIOS set the DATE and TIME then Load Optimized Defaults." I heard the BEEP and let go of the insert key. I then pressed the delete key, and the beep went away. The next thing didn't happen.... Nothing got sent to my monitor once again. For some reason I feel I am more screwed now than I was before. Now I have a totally cleared CMOS and I can't see my BIOS . I don't know what to do now . I think I need a new motherboard or something.... Any more suggestions? Thanks again!
  14. OK OK! I'm eager to try it now!!! I started looking at the post and I am lost . Can someone explain these steps to me: "Move the PC Speaker jumper to the ON position. Remove the Battery." What is the PC Speaker Jumper? and what battery?!??!
  15. #2 Yea I wish I had a PCI video card. I'll have to call up some friends and see if they have one or something... I have tried reseating the video card but nothing happens. I haven't tried the CPU and seriously reseating the CPU is a pain because I have this large XP-120, and it wasn't too fun getting it on in the first place . #3 I did a normal CMOS clear (not like the one the link leads to), and the LEDs still stayed on 3 and 4 for a bit. However, when they moved onto 2 and 1 it happened a lot faster now. Before it was like 3..............2......1..... Now its like 3..............2...1...... Also, what do you mean by starting my computer with bare minimum? Yea, I agree I really need to get my comp to display something . #4 HEHE I know its a lot of information AHAHAH! I just needed to explain it thoroughly!!! When I first made this comp 6 months ago it wasn't like this. It happened in the last 3 months. I guess I am going to have to do the "proper Clear CMOS" method. I know this sucks, but I got a lot of homework I need to do right now. ( I'm only a junior in high school ), so I'll have to do the CMOS clear thing tomorrow. I hope that's ok. I'll post back tomorrow after I try it (if any of you kind people would like to help me again ). Thanks a lot for all your help I'll be back tomorrow with the results!!!! (by the way, you guys responded so quick!!)
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