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  1. I'll mess around with BIOS abit to see if that could be the problem- however, I don't think that would be causing the SLI compatibility issue. Does my board fully support 7800GTX vid cards?
  2. Just built my rig using the parts listed in my signature. Purchased 2 7800GTX for an SLI configuration. However, I've attached the bridge and followed instructions according to the DFI manual and the board recognizes both video cards. Yet, when I go to configure SLI under nVidia settings it gives the following message: "You must remove any graphics cards that are not compatible with Scalable Link Interface Technology before you can enable SLI" Both cards are from the same manufacturer, and they are both fully opperational. Both cards are manufactured by XFX. I've downloaded the latest card drivers along with the nForce driver that came with the mobo. Does anyone have any explanation as to why I am receiving this error?
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