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  1. see the HR05-SLi thread - i think if i remember it knocked >15C off both idle/load. no other option, really.
  2. i currently have a radeon 7000 sitting in my first pci slot as i managed to get rid of my 7800Gt, and am waiting for the arrival of our friend the nvidia g80.
  3. i am in the UK - ordered from jabtech, cost me around £19 delivered, and i think the £ is a little stronger now, and so itll be a little less. they were fast, efficient and had good service with the lowest shipping out of those i could find who would ship to uk.
  4. i dont think its necessary, and even then it wont do much for you.
  5. yes they are.... its just really crap that dfi dont know how to layout a motherboard properly.....i have to have my hr05sli at a bit of an angle, mounted on top of my 7800GT, which is a very long card. i still think this is much better than the jingting which is more expensive, has a lower surface area, and is much more difficult to get hold of......and lets not forget it is totally silent.
  6. heres what i get on my setup after 60minutes of idling. pretty good in my opinion - i just noticed that you can move the thing around and itll move without losing its good contact. the base was very good - i could (almost) see my face clearly in it. my vantec had a mirror shine and i could see clearly like a mirror, and although i couldnt see clearly in the hr05sli, it was very very smooth. much different from my previous thermalright heatsinks (slk900a, slk947u, xp90c) all which had circular machining marks on them that were clear.
  7. not too sure about how the am2 setup looks like, but i know on the sli-dr,if you have the cooler installed so that the radiator bit sits on top of the first pci-e16, then you will have loads of room to install your dual gfx solution. however, this means either rotating your cpu cooler, or getting another one (im now considering an si120 or whatever it is called)
  8. I can confirm that you cannot install the hr05sli in the configuration you did (ie with radiator near the sata ports) with a 7800GT involved - only options are top/bottom of gfx card, but your temp decreases were much greater than mine. a few other q's: 1) did you find that the pad that you put on the base was too big? 2) does your hr05sli rock a little and move if you push it a little? mine does and its a little concerning. its a wonderful piece of kit, and this is a great review - if the 2mpixel camera on my phone was any better, i would take pics myself to show you what i mean. but it is a very good cooler.
  9. well my camera is crap - i dunno whats going on with it. here is the first - once i sort out this camera, ill take better pics - heres one showing the hsf on top of my 7800GT
  10. i got mine today, wont install with a 7800GT+xp90c (with the heatpipes facing toward gfx card - you have to have overhang on the ram to get it to fit) and even then you cant stick a fan onto it, just no room. only gripe i have is that it does still move around quite a lot, which is surprising as i was hoping for a more ingenious way of keeping the thing down like bolts or something (can that be modded?!) like on gfx cards. anyhoo, onto what is important to everyone, temps initially - vantec iceberq wasnt coping with the heat - 46-48C without an extra fan, and 44-45C with an extra fan blowing air at it. now, totally passively cooled, without a fan blowing air at it (ie poor airflow), 32-36C - and totally silent. id get one if i was you, these things are great - just a shame really about not being able to stick a fan onto it properly like i wanted to. other thing is, you cannot mount it the other way so that the radiator is parallel to the front of the case - unless you have low-height sata cables. oh, and im a lightweight - only 1.6v through the nb. but no intakes at all, only fans are the 120mm on the heatsink, and one 80mm exhaust and one 120mm psu exhaust.
  11. hey happy_games, any pics yet? mine was put on a plane on 17th so i hope to get it here soon! cant wait! what sort of temps?! i intend on putting it on top of the gfx card because mine does not exhaust the air out (it pushes it towards the nb instead!) and to stick a panaflo l1bx on it, which ill turn on/off depending. any idea if they give you those strips to put beneath the fan with it?! strange mounting with the cableties too! well, its all looking good, just hope the bloody plane lands what with all the crap going on in UK airports at the moment.
  12. THANKS very much - youve just made my day! ive just now placed my first order from the states from jabtech (their shipping rates are $8 less than sidewinder)! heres to hoping it arrives in a timely fashion! thanks for the heads up, hopefully this will solve all the problems my pc is having with noise!
  13. hi, yes im very very interested in this! please let us know your temps and a few more pics would be great - its either between this or the thermalright hr05 sli, once i can confirm that it will work on the sli-dr. great work though!
  14. wonderful! please please post your findings - i am thinking of either this or hacking the arctic cooling like gxp345 did. this is looking a little more promising, just hope it can be installed without rendering the nvidia sata's useless. hopefully we can mount it on top of the top pci-e. thanks for testing it out in advance - just hope it filters through to some reviewers soon too.
  15. has anyone used this - unfortunately not many reviews, but its a mini-flower-cooler. i am hoping that the fins are bendy, like the old zalman coolers. http://www.endpcnoise.com/cgi-bin/e/std/sku=nbf47
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