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  1. i always memtest for 24 hours and then prime for 24 more...but that's just me so i have no doubt in my mind that it is stable.
  2. to ensure stabilty I would prime for 24 hours, just google prime95
  3. tony's bios is the one that would not allow my HTT to go above 333. Yes I flashed to the BIOS in my SIG, I updated my sig to reflect the issue I am currently having. I have tried flashing back and also to another bios, no success came through either one.
  4. hey guys, I ran into something very odd last night. I put in my Ultra-d about a week ago and it has been running perfect since. However I decided to try a different BIOS due to the HTT maxing out at 333. I flashed to the latest bios and now the board can do over 400HTT, however after updating to the 2005/11/14 BIOS I have no sound. I checked that it was enabled in the BIOS, used drivercleaner and reinstalled drivers, but all with no success. It does not even recognize the device now. I have shutdown the computer and checked to make sure it is secured to the board (yes onboard audio). I am running out of ideas and would like some input regarding this issue. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance guys.
  5. 1. LDT/FSB Ratio x3 untill you go above 333 FSB Frequency (278x3=834 <-keep under 1000) 2. LDT Voltage and Chipset voltage can be upped just to help ensure you are getting enough volts. I always do this to rule it out as a cause of instability, plust my temps stay good. 3. Manually set your ram timings, looks like you are playing with G Skill UCCC. Check out this thread, it should help you. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41953 4. Remember dividers are your friend, you will really need to use them to get a high overclock on your CPU. 5. Good Luck
  6. Have you tried the card in another board? That would be my first step.
  7. My Expert board can do 440. In fact when I was bored a few weeks ago I was running 363x8=2904 with no issues at all. I guess every board is different though.
  8. lol....yes you do have a champ. However Opterons average a much higher overclock than X2's
  9. Have you tried putting your memory on a divider and maxing out the proc? Also what is your LDT set to? Another thing to consider is that X2's are not the best overclocking cpu's. In fact when I had my X2 I could only get 2.55GHz stable, hence the reason I went with the Opty.
  10. Do this http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...964&postcount=4 Then start with one stick.
  11. 1. boot with one stick, set memory timings, memtest, install OS, add second stick. 2. Try different video drivers. 3. winflash
  12. Those results do make it seem to be your ram that is the issue. If I were you I would manually set the ram timings and tweak it from there. good luck.
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