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  1. System wont boot, powers up and nothing. I have 2 of the red diagnostic lights light up. What does this mean?
  2. well, i set to 2T and still no dice. It just wont run. How do I set to 333?
  3. Yeah, that is what I was thinking when I purchased it..thought I would just give it a shot. Guess I will run 2T tonight and see what it can do...if I cant run atleast 3Ghz...time for diff mem Thining...I really only need 1gb of mem. I have been under the impression that 512s oc better then 1gb sticks...thoughts?
  4. Cool, I guess I should have just searched...kinda thought it was maybe just me. Turns out there are several threads about this. So how do you think the oc'ing will be? Should I jsut ditch the 4 sticks and go for 2 1gb sticks?
  5. Is that what is needed to run 4 sticks? I really need to run at 333? Now, how is this going to affect my oc'ing? just run a divider and go to town? Also, thnx for the reply.
  6. Same brand, just diff speeds. I am not oc'd at all at this time. So mem should be running the same speed. 2 sticks are 4400 and 2 are 4800. Any ideas? I have been told to run it at 333 and 2T, I am not sure how to set it to 2T on this mobo.
  7. Well, it flashed fine, but then when I rebooted the rig would not start up. I used the latest posted above. I have an Ulta-D LanParty, the bios said LanParty NF4, so I assumed it would be ok (yeah, never assume) I guess it is not..Now what in the FRACK do I do??? Any help would be great. Thnx guys
  8. OMH..I have an Ultra-D...Did I just *&%^ mobo with this bios????!!!!
  9. Ummmm...I just installed that bios. Now my rig wont start up. YES I HAVE THE CORRECT MOBO. Lanparty nf4 What in the hell do I do now???
  10. MY 148 will do 3.2 on air, I have yet to dick with it enough..so far just runing it at 3. something..with stock cooling. I have not even hooked it up to the Mach II yet. I need a Guide to this MOBO...I am sorta lost in it. DFI Lanparty Ultra D
  11. Yes, I saw all the screen shots, mem test, super PI, etc. And he is a solid seller over at H. I do not doubt him at all. And with me being able to run 3.02..not knowing the bios...well, I just dont doubt him.
  12. I installed the 623 bios (i think that is the one) and it helped a tad. Voltage is at 1.55v. Mem set at 166 (divider) 3Ghz is not bad on air, but the dude I purchased from ran it at 3.2 on air. I have yet to hook it up to the Mach II...testing it out 1st. DO you guys have any tips on settings, or any other bios that woudl be better? TIA!
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