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  1. I've just had exact same problem as you with the same PSU (and case). My standby LED is on (near the diagnostic LED's) but my RAM LED would not light or on the rare occasions it did it would be VERY dim. Just today I got a new Enermax FMA535W from the DFI list of PSU to use and the PC now works fine (had done for ~6 months up to now on the Antec 450w). Do yourself a favour and get a new PSU (the Enermax above was the cheapest i could find thats on the list)....i was going to RMA the board but i'm glad i didnt now!
  2. OK chaps got the PSU now and tried it....works a treat!!! Thanks to all for the advice, very much appreciated. Think i'll bin the old Antec, might of been made a bit dodgy by the current draw the board requires? :confused:
  3. Thnanks guys. I ordered an Enermax 535W last night, its on the A list:- http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=95194 I'll report back when i have tried it....
  4. I've done the full CMOS reset before, made no difference. System is currently dead as the RAM LED wont light at all now (like it was a few weeks ago when i last tried it!), the RAM is in DIMM slot 2 again. I'm pretty sure it cant be RAM as the RAM LED didnt even light with no RAM in there to affect it! So i'm down to (in order is likely culprit) :- PSU, mobo, CPU. Unfortunately i cant try anything other than to order a new PSU it seems.
  5. OK replying to my own thread but... This things turning me into a liar! tried the RAM in DIMM slot 1 and it didnt work, no RAM LED at all so no boot. Took the RAM out and tried it with no RAM in at all and the RAM LED will not light at all now!!! What the hell?! Is this classic PSU funniness? Only thing i can think of is that at least discounts the RAM being faulty as it wasnt even installed and still the LED wont light.
  6. OK i know i've been spamming lately (j/k!) but i've just had another play with my setup and i can now get it booting to some extent! I basically found out that:- If there is no RAM in the board then the RAM LED WILL light fully but ONLY after about 20-30 seconds after the power is applied to the mobo (power LED lights right away, well lights brightly then goes a little dimmer almost right away if this is normal?). Once the RAM LED is lit the system will boot but fail at the RAM stage obviously. If i put a stick of RAM into DIMM slot 2 then the DIMM LED will light after ~45 secs but it is VERY VERY dim, the light is the size of a pin prick and you wouldnt see it if u didnt know where the LED was. Once power is applied after the LED is lit (if u can call it that!) then it will boot and post ok, the RAM LED becomes bright once the power switch is pressed. If i then turn the PC off and try powering it up again the RAM LED is not lit and wont light again no matter how slightly and the system does nothing (no fans or anything) once the power switch is pressed. I then power off the PSU itself and power it on again and wait ~45secs and the RAM LED lights, system posts and boots ok. Once the system has been powered up and is then powered off the PSU is making a high pitched noise internally, dont know if this is a sign of it being dodgy? I am presuming the RAM LED should light right away once power is applied to the mobo as the power LED does? With this new information i have found out can anyone suggest what is the most likely cause, I am leaning towards the PSU first (as others have said to me in other posts prior) then the mobo and then the RAM.
  7. InQ

    PSU for Ultra-D

    Thanks chaps. bail_w - i really want to spend as little as possible!
  8. OK going to take the advice and try a new PSU for my Ultra-D (wont boot even though the PSU seems to be fine on a jump start, previously been fine for 6 months though). Would this do, as far as i can tell its one mentioned in the recommended list:- http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=95194
  9. Well after weighing it up i'm still not convinced the PSU is at fault. Other threads with the same symptoms have been mobos at fault. I am running a 6200LE instead of my 7800GT now btw (will update sig) as the system is being sold to my mother in law once its working!!! I might just get a new cheap mobo that i know will work ok and RMA the DFI then sell it when i get it or a new mobo back.
  10. So you think the same with mine then?
  11. Guess i might as well try reseating the CPU then before i RMA the board (havent done it yet as i've been on holiday). moogog, have you tried reseating the CPU since you got it back and its now not working again?
  12. Overnight CMOS reset did nothing, next step is to try a known working PSU and stick of RAM from my brothers PC (that'll be next Friday now). If that doesnt work sounds like its the mobo (or the CPU, though i would of thought it would give error beeps if this was the case plus the RAM led isnt lighting...points to the mobo like the others in this and the linked threads).
  13. I'm currenty going through the same problem, system has been fine for 6 months but now its no longer powering on (stand by led is on, ram led isnt). PSU (Antec Smartpower 450w in Sonata 2 case) works fine with the jump start test (HDD, DVDRW and fan attached). Going to try the CMOS reset overnight but i not holding my breath! Can you please let me know how you get on with this moogog, very interested in the outcome as mine sound pretty much like an identical fault.
  14. You've made sure the Pioneer jumper is set to master and its on the end of the IDE cable? Have you tried putting the Pioneer on the same IDE cable as the HDD but as slave?
  15. SOLVED! I uninstalled the nVidia IDE driver (control panel -> add/remove programs -> nvidia driver and pick IDE driver only) and retested burning a full ISO of a film. This worked perfectly as it did in my old system and also when i burn from my SATA drive.....held the 12x burn and 16x burn and the device buffer didnt drop out of the 90% range. So in conclusion it looks like the nVidia IDE driver was none to great, stick to the default XP one (which it will install once u have rebooted) and burning over the IDE bus should be fine again! I've also restested my PATA drive with HDTach3 and get the results i should be getting, so thats fine as well.
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