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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814122245 this card should be adequate for now, i think
  2. nope mine is an OEM Ati cards, the warranty is expired, to michaelzhao thk for the link Ok ive replaced the bad caps with the new one, and it starts nicely, th booting process runs smooth, but when i entered my win xp it show artifacts, lot of them. WTH...... am i doing somethin wrong here, or maybe the card really is DEAD . !!!:mad:
  3. @All thanks guys i'll give it a try, Like Sorrento i was tring to remove the card from my mobo but somehow the caps got stuck on my pci card and thats how i ended up with this mess. but now i'm having a problem finding this low ESR caps,
  4. i hope so, is anybody have a similar probs like me ?
  5. its an old 2004 card, the warranty is over gosh i dont have the budget for a new gaming card, now i'm using my bro' 9550 64 bit go figure? it even stuttering in FIFA WC 2006, i want to continue playing oblivion.
  6. need help here guys i have a 9800 pro and one of its capasitor is broken, can i replaced it with a newidentical capasitor, will it work:( thanks
  7. I am also the victim of Geforce4 MX 4000 brand, tested on my old rig, it only scored a 2900 3d mark 2000 compared to My old Geforce 256 that score above 5000.
  8. what about this one, will this do the job ? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817103932 and here is the price in IDR http://ivanstech.com/antec.htm
  9. "Salam Pejantan" thanks for replying y'all well that's where the problem lies, i kinda sell my powerstream PSU to cover up some debts, when i go back to "seberang ITC" to the place that i bought the Powerstrem before, they said "We Dont sell OCZ PSU anymore, we only sell ANTEC" man that sucks i have to go all over that places just to find an OCZ powerstream and they are no where to be found. its really is hard to get a quality item here, i dont want to use brands like Simbio, or Atrix (know this Brand ?) so OCZ is definetly out of th question due to its Availability so im thinking of ANtec, what type should i use and how many amps required ? "MERDEKA "
  10. Hello Guys, i have this build : Venice 3200+ NF4 UT-D Board 512X2 OCZ Perfromance Sapphire X800GTO2 80 GB ATA 100 Hardrive CD rom Drive One PCI Tv Tuner 4 Casing fans Please help me to find a suitable PSU for this build, adequate for everday user. thank.
  11. Hi Guys do any of you know a link to a site that contains some delphi program examples, i really need it for my exam, thanks
  12. Guy's i'm just wandering, this is a bit noobish but i really want to know where the X800GTO's standings amongst the GeForce lineup, in how they performed compared to the GS model. and if you have some links to it 'll be gratefull thanks :nod:
  13. iqbalz

    Decent ram

    well it doesnt have to be 1 gigs of memory, 512 will do, what will it cost me to fulfill the nf4 board memory requirement ? or can i use the value ram instead or is the value ram are guarenteed not to work with the nf4 boards
  14. Guys i have a DFI NF4 UT-D and i'm wondering what memory should i use note tat i have my limitation in budget, and some memory brand is unavailable in my country. i do no want to overclock it for the moment i just want it to run well. i only have like $ 55 for a start. plese help me
  15. 1 X 2 x 80 / 2 = 40 That must be it, or so i thougt
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