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    Unofficial Opteron 939 Thread

    I currently have my 180 Opty @ 256 X 11 for a nice 2807, but it take 1.5 volts for both cores to be stable. Under full load ( 2 prime95 running ) she gets a little toasty at 52 celcius. Do you guys think that its running to hot or with too much voltage?
  2. My NVIDIA onboard LAN drops connection every time I turn on a floor lamp in my office. I have a D Link wireless router in the room but my computer is wired to it with a cat5 cable directly. I have had the same router and lamp in the same locations for 4 years and my old CPU never lost the LAN when the light was turned on. Anyone ever heard of this before.
  3. sizzle

    RAID Array Not Bootable?

    This worked for me....give it a try!
  4. You need to put your system specs in your signature.
  5. sizzle

    unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

    Just started playing with this Opty 180 (CCBWE 0543UPMW) OEM (Newegg). I had to juice up the volts to 1.50 to get core #1 stable past 2600 and now she is running @ 2795 dual instances of Prime95 (8 hours). I was hoping for 3000 but I'm not willing to take the lid off. My full load temps are 50* celcius. I think I will leave the settings here until I break the cpu in for a few weeks.
  6. sizzle

    diamond flash info

    Link is now fixxed so never mind =).
  7. I need info on the the proper proceedure for flashing BIOS with the diamond image flash utility. The DFI website page with the info is down. Thanks.