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  1. Even tho I never thought my Chipset fan was abnormally lould, are either of you thinking "well if he can even hear it changing speeds then it must be too loud anyway, thus it is dying" ??
  2. RGone: What could I possible get from RMA-ing my fan or even board? I mean it's not like the fan doesn't work, its just my chipset is is running warmer now. Are you suggesting there may be a problem with the board?
  3. i went ahead and lowered the full fan speed thrushold temp from 55 to 48. What was happening was the Chipset was always at 55/54 and the fan kept kicking into full speed over and over so now it just stays that way. Still @ 53c tho Could it be a voltage problem?
  4. for a while now there has been this varing drone noise coming from my case, its' been annoying me and I just found out what it was by studying a realtime graph of my fan speeds in SpeedFan, then identified the fan in question using Motherboard Monitor 5, and it turned out to be my Chipset fan... and Motherboard Monitor also reports my chipset is running at 55c. This has been going on for a while now and although it sounds like a clear cut cooling issue, I'm trying to figure if there is any type of hardware issue that could be causing it to run hot. thnx
  5. Back to update: Ran Adaware and removed all of the junk it found. I got a reccomendation from someone else that my system resources were full/in use/ desktop heap full or whatever. It aparently is, so I'm going go try to track down what's using it up so much. Any other ideas appreciate tho.
  6. I really highly doubt i have any spyware or such. and even if I did, given the amount of resources STILL FREE I should be running fine. my gosh this is killing me, what am I doing so wrong already???? Got lots of stuff to do but my computer doesn't want to do allllll of them at the same time. Although i will go ahead and run an Adaware check and I'll let u know of the results.
  7. So I'm sittin here running a bunch of programs like.. 3 IE windows 1 Firefox window w/ 2 tabs Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Edit Pad Pro Azureus Windows Media Player Photoimpact 8 .. and I goto start up Photoshop 7.0 but it won't start. It just comes up for about a second then crashes away with a windows error sound. This, from experiance, I am going to say is related directly to a problem I've had with this and my last computer: Although the task manager reports I am only using 863MB of my 3GB page file, and that I have 1,037,686K of physical memory "Avalible" programs sometimes run slow or fail to operate properly unless I close something else. One other problem I commonly have when the computer is in this type of relm is that the right-click menus will not show themselves or come-up incompleted unless I roll my mouse over the entire menu. Basically at this point the computer is operating like I'm pushing it's memory limits. This even happened with older computer. I bought 2GB of ram to avoid this mess with this new computer but here it is again. This has been ever since I started using it as vigorosly as I am now, but still back then I done memory tests that came up OKAY. You guys know what I'm talking about? Any suggestions? Can anyone relate?
  8. Well my processor scheduling is set to "Programs" I have my page file set to 200MB on the 2nd HD. I thought if I had it low, and forced windows to use all of the physical memory then it would perform better. Maybe it should be totally disabled?? Min: 200 Max: 1024 I'll do the 3dmark06 thing later on today. Windows is reccomending 3069.
  9. I see I see, thanks for the reply. Anyone else got any other theories??
  10. In referece to the system in my sig. You ever been using your computer heavily, with lots of IE windows open, and maybe even a few other programs like Outlook Express, Dreamweaver, ect.. , and then you try to right-click on a link in IE and the menu refuses to show up or it shows up half there.. and the only way to rectify the problem is to kill a running process and free up memory? Well this happened alot on my old computer, but as you can see I now have a dual-core CPU and 2GB of ram. Why is this still happening AT ALL? Page file usage is higher than I want it to be, and the task manger is reporting over a gig of physical memory being free out of my 2GB. WTF.
  11. Hey, I got two quick questions... I want to speedup my Windows XP SP2 boot-up time. It takes quite a while, how long, I'm not sure, but i've tried the following things listed below... They have cut a bit off the time but there must be something I'm not doing if I am reading about people being at their desktop in 15-30 or 45seconds. - Bootvis optimization - XP services management - disabled unneeded xp services - XP Startup programs - disabled unneeded programs from auto start - Start menu Startup folder - EMPTY - Put HD as FIRST boot device in BIOS. - Moved page file to the 2nd HD - /NOGUI boot option In my startup I've got NOD32, Nvidia Soundstorm cp, Nvidia settings manager and zone alarm. For the system listed in my signature, i'd expect much faster boot than what I have now. What else can I do? Thanks for your time!
  12. Well.... After reading your replies a few times, I found the USB 2.0 Drivers on the DFI CD. Do realise that they were not shown to me under USB on the Autostart Driver installation wizard. I had to explore the CD to find them... I got them installed, but it was then showing two seperate USB trees in the device driver. So I tried the tip YYZ2112 gave me, and Updated the driver for the new Enhanced Host Controller, windows done somethings and the two trees consolidated. Now when I plugin my Dell DJ windows doesn't make a non-High Speed port complaint but I'm still not sure if I'm totally done... need a way to check. Thanks for your help guys!
  13. Please explain to me exactly how you manage to actively use two different outputs simultaneously in Windows. Also, just on a side note, my reason for disabling onboard audio, personally would to minimize possible audio output problems and confusion in windows. If windows doesn't know the device even exists, then it makes it all the easier to stay focused on the Sound Blaster.
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