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  1. As the title says. Im looking for a new C2D cpu. I prefer an e64** or e66** but other can do. Send PM with what u got. Engineering samples are welcome! // Emil
  2. Is there a ITE Smartguardian that works with Abit Quad GT? Downloaded one version but it only said -222°c wich would be great but i ont think its the acctual temp with my CNPS 9500 // Emil
  3. Just open everest -> Motherboard -> Cpu.. And in the right window almost at the top Cpu Alias = Manchester/Toledo
  4. First when i start the computer the first three (from left) are lit. The one most to the right are blinking, then all of them stop shining exept the one most to thtleft wich is still lit up. does it mean that its a videocard problem?
  5. I startes my computer this morning and everything booted up as normal. I logged on to windows, and here is where things went wrong. First of all windows freezed. So i rebooted. After the reboot the computer wont start. Its just a strange "bliiip" form the mobo. The Graphiccard dignostic led are shineing. Does´nt my video card work? What could have gone wrong? My comp have worked fine for 2 month. Strange that it worked first when i started it and now it is´nt. Please send me your thought. See tag for spec.
  6. Thanks man! Now its working! It was just a powercable that had slip´ed out. Cant w8 to start clocking! Thanks again chupa320!
  7. Ijust finnished to build my newsystem up. But!?!?! When i push the start buton everything starts exept that there is no picture on my monitor.. All for diagnostic-led´s are shining. Is the problem that my mobo does´nt find my x2? please help. goning crazy here.. Thanks.
  8. Hi. iám new here in this forum. And im also new with the dfi mobo. As you can see i have a UT ultra-d. And i wonder, what bios i shall have for my system? Whats the best for the balistix memory with Micron 5B G chip? Please help. Thank you. (+_+)@=(^@)
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