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  1. Exactly, thats why I asked to be removed from the list. This approach is not the most clever if you aske me, to many factors involved when comparing OC on memorysticks only. So if you grab settings from each other based on different hardware and CPU's (read memcontroller) and incorporating all those uneeded factors you are only walking further away from the core issue. If you ask me only relevant info is RAM/FSB clock. The ramsticks have no idea on how fast the "real ram speed" is...they do what they can do...regardless your algoritms and end result in "system speed". What I'm trying to say is, focus on the internal speed of the ram instead when setting/comparing those memory settings...don't involve all those other factors. Just my humble opinion
  2. Well, I do not believe you will get the same stepping if RMA an Opteron. AMD will not take stepping in consideration, they will simply send you a 165'er.
  3. Either the XFX or the Leadtek OC version.
  4. Well, I did a guide kinda some time ago regarding mounting an XP-120 on a naked core...that might help you with some ideas or such: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45753 Dunno if it applies though.
  5. That is not entirely true, when it comes to the brands that sells binned card of the same core (factory overclock) they actually test the cards and then charge accordingly...personally I don't like that....you'll end up having only access to the average performers for the intended pricerange..($300). But if you stick to the brands that has only 1 model of the 7900gt you could be lucky and get a great performer for the intended price. Then again, from what I've read XFX and Leadtek pays a bit extra for selected cores so their factory OC cards do perform above the rest. eVGA on the other hand only do their binning based on testing and also are much closer on the cut...if you get an 500MHz factory clocked card you might see 530MHz or so... If you wanna go for the lucky draw I would choose MSI. If you go for factory OC'ed cards I would grab the XFX 550MHz...they just came out with a new 550Mhz model that has a new sporty look, black PCB and all I had an eVGA 500MHz that performed lousy, flogged it and are now waiting for the new XFX 550Mhz : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814150148 (dang my sig is cool!...thanks blick! :nod: )
  6. Actually now it looks REALLY good, that last edit really got it perfect :nod: That kinda yellow oldish style that I love...excellent work mate!
  7. Wow! It looks very nice But my idea was more to the Old Western theme, something like the dollar movies, or Josey Wales I hope you are not giving up on me now
  8. Well, first I suggest you make a sig where you have your hardware specs viewable for anyone that might wanna help out But I can tell you if you pumped 1.65volts in a 165'er on aircooling you are quite lucky you still have a working chip.
  9. So is the seal broken or is that still intact?
  10. some people do lap their core since it's slightly concave, I'm about to do it as soon as the time and tools permits.
  11. Oh well, I can't really vouch for the brackets and whatnot from the SI-120...but one would think it's the same bracket on both of them. Can you explain more precise what you mean with "that ideea wit the screewing is pretty bad" for me please?
  12. Cool, can you please submit some more temps...like idle/load before and after. If you put the screws there before you put the bracket and cooler together you shouldnt need to plie any more than described.
  13. I'm in the process of finding a good "bangforbuck" GFX. I have my eyes on both the Gainward 7800gt 512MB GLH and the upcoming ATI X1800GTO. Wich of those cards to you think will be the best banger for the bucker? thanx!
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