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  1. Best choice for memory upgrade ? Ideally , i want to add another 1 gig stick to the set-up in my sig. Currently slots 1 and 2 ( OCZ Gold 2-2-2-8 @ 2.8v ) slot 3 "undecided make" 1 Gb stick Giving 2gb - 2x512 + 1x1gb. Is this recommened , and if so in what configuration / slots should i put the ram in Any advice ? Mark
  2. I had similar set-up probs using analogue outputs. I use SPDIF output , this is my set-up (posted in another forum) ; "Got my Z680's Yesterday ( F***ing incredible ! ) Took some playing with the settings to get them to work properly , so , if you're still having probs you could try this : From your sig , your using an NF mobo (i'm using an NF3 mobo) so similar. Use Digital (SPDIF out) connection. In Windows speaker set-up , set to surround (not 5.1) In NVMixer , leave the box blank ( where you choose speaker/headphones etc) In NVMixer , Tick "Encoding Options" - None In NVMixer - DONT use Speaker Wizard ( A load of Crap) it always pick Stereo or 7.1 In fact Dont use NVMixer at all , If you can. ( I tried to uninstall it but lost all sound , so stuck with it) Onboard sound (Using Audio Driver 4.62)" Hope this helps ? Cheers, Mark
  3. Is it the same ram as mine ? Interested in you ram settings, Mine "die" ( wont boot ) around 206 running 1/1 with FSB ( 2.8v / 2-2-2-5 ) Cheers
  4. " I've locked in the RAM timings " Can you explain " locked " ? Cheers.
  5. What cable would I use to get the best sound from my (newly ordered) Logitech Z 680 5.1 speakers ? (Had issues with Creative cards in the past , so , sticking with onboard sound for moment.) Can anyone explain the diff between the RCA s/pdif connector on back of board and the optical s/pdif on the board ? Any links to suitable cables etc. would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mark
  6. Hi, As the title , Have lost the onboard sound and mobo buzzes after about an hour of use. All temps Low , so not heat related. Have ruled out fan noises , pump noises and PSU noises. It seems to be coming from lower part of case/mobo i.e. below AGP slot. Can anyone shed any light ? Thanks in advance, Mark
  7. Thanks for replies. The Vcore readings get more erratic the more voltage is applied , but even at 1.5v idle the readings are 1.47 - 1.54 v The question is are these voltage spikes actual or software/motherboard mis-readings ? I dont want to be at 1.7v and suddenly jump to 1.8v and risk burnout. Does anyone know how to measure the Vcore with a multimeter (if it's possible) ? Cheers.
  8. In the process of o'cing my AMD 64 3700+ Clawhammer. (S.754) At moment @ 2700 ( 225x12 ) - Vcore 1.595 v MBM5 shows the vcore ( when set in bios @ 1.595 ) somtimes as high as 1.63/1.65 Questions : Is MBM5 reporting correctly ? Does the mobo regulate a steady / constant Vcore voltage ? ( As I dont want to fry the CPU ! ) Cheers. --------------------------------------------------------------- (Sorry , sig needs updating , not a 3200 anymore)
  9. Another RAM question , I know ! As the title : OCZ pc3200 EL DC Gold or GeiL Ultra Platinum PC4000 - both 2x 512 OCZ or GEIL ? Do either use TCCD chips ? Cheers.
  10. To stowenrat ; If I wanted a stupid answer then I would have Emailed YOU directly !! Asking for a recommendation ( or not ) or querying whether a certain type/make of Ram works well with a certain type of motherboard is what forums are for. Your input is noted and forgotten. Cheers
  11. Quick question ; Would anyone recommend this ram for my mobo ? Corsair CMX512-3200C2PRO - 2 x 512 Dual Channel Thanks.
  12. Thanks for replies . Am looking/hoping for a target of 2.7 / 2.8 Don't see many sigs with a 3700+ ( 754 ) clocked to this sort of speed though , hence my interest in the Venice core. So o'cing a Venice by +35% is easier than o'cing a 3700 by just 15% ? (My current 3200 Claw will run at 2240 (+12%) and thats a CO rev. !) Whats the best I can hope for on the 3700+ ? Cheers.
  13. Hello Forum ( 1st post ! ) , Have just upgraded my mobo to a DFI ( as sig ) Running a rather old 3200+ Claw which needs replacing. The AMD 3000+ ( ADA3000BXBOX ) - E6 Venice core,90nm,1.4v,51w etc.... looks favourite The 3700+ Claw ( ADA3700AEP5AR ) a close second. Which would you suggest for overclocking with this board ? Would my current Bios support the new Venice core 3000+ ? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Mark
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