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  1. I have read through the discussion and I haven't seen anything about crossfire comparisons yet. I am part of that 99% Happy talks about and am happy with my Infinity right now. Now if my crossfire setup runs > X% faster on the Lanparty with both mobo's using the same memory, CPU, and bios timings, I might buy it for that reason. I'd really like to see a side by side comparison like this using the same hardware and approximate settings values in bios to show if their is an appreciable reason to buy the Lanparty over the Infinity. It comes back to those who want to use their PC's having a reason to buy this board or not. I want the best stable performance I can get for the money, period. I like my Infinity, but I do feel I could get more out of my memory possibly in the Lanparty. I just don't want to buy it unless the overall performance in Crossfire is worth it to me. Happy, I get irritated sometimes by your snippy posts to be honest, but you provide an invaluable service to us DFI owners and I wouldn't change you one bit
  2. I checked online and the only difference between mine and Rev B is it comes with an AM2 mounting kit. I had no problems mounting the ninja on the 975 infinity and highly recommend it for any CPU (As long as it fits your case that is . . .it is tall). I used in in a socket 478 before my C2D and it mounted on both motherboards easily. I would recommend you don't take off the adhesive for the bottom plate pad so you can move the ninja to another mobo in the future. It worked fine without taking the plastic off. By the way a friendly warning, they are a bit touchy here about having a sig with your latest PC configuration so you'd better read in the rules about how to create one or the mods will temp ban you.
  3. I am using a scythe ninja in my system now with this mobo with no problems. It is not rev B, but I think rev B just added a fan as mine did not come with one.
  4. Happy, I am new here. I just bought DFI for the first time and discovered dfi-street recently. I am very happy with both the board and this support forum. I also like your approach to providing information to the 60-75% of us (I'm in your camp too!) that aren't "extreme" OC'ers. I don't know what Edzard said to get banned, and I'm not really concerned about that so much. I searched his posts in this thread, and all I see is that he was trying to be helpful. Of particular note is his information about RPM and CFM of the fan. As a non-extreme OC'er, if I find out that I can reduce my temps by 15C just by buying a specific fan, I will buy that fan and be happy. I feel this was good information for us averge OC'ers and I think he was trying to help your Oc efforts. You totally slammed him into the ground with your followup post and i can kind of understand his angry reply. (I don't approve of it, but I can understand it) I really don't understand why you were so harsh with him. I just don't see the animosity on his end until the post you banned him for. I see a guy who may be a little too technical for your 60-75% target audience who was trying to help and I see you squash on him unneccessarily. I hope this isn't how you normally handle the extreme crowd trying to help us average oc'ers out. They do have good info for us normal folks sometimes, and I would hope as a DFI support guy, your not chasing them away on purpose.:confused:
  5. Long time Mushkin user here. Great to see you guys here. I'm using the 996525 2x1GB XP28000 and love it! Watch newegg for rebates on this stuff!! I got it for 375 after rebate in August. These guys rock at support and their memory is top quality. If anyone is still looking for 2x512 2-2-2, I have one set of 991032 Mushkin BH-5 based level 2 cas 2-2-2 dual pack that has been gently used from 04/2003 to 08/2006 and works great! I had a set of 2x512 L2V2 2-2-2 that I ran with it in my IC-7G mobo, but I had to put that set in my father-in-laws PC
  6. I'm at 3.16GHz with FSB at 351, 4-4-4-15 @ 4:5 667strap, othos stable. I'm happy with this oc till the lanparty RD600 comes out. Thanks for the tips!!
  7. Long read, but right on the money!! I waited for 2 1/2 years to upgrade my last "big" build and the wait was worth it. I will probably buy the RD600 Lanparty after it has stabilized just for the increased crossfire performance it promises. I like this board and will enjoy OC'ing it. I definitely fit in the 60-75% who go for "average overclocks" category. FYI, I learned one thing I didn't know reading this; you suggested reading the AMD OC'ing section for clues to all the options in bios, and I never thought to check as its "the other guys" forum I will be browsing it this weekend to try and understand all the unfamiliar options, straps, etc. Thanks for all the work creating this forum!!
  8. Thanks to your guide, I installed 830 with no problems and am running 320 FSB 667 strap with the options you recommended. It is 100% stable so far runnning Orthos. I plan to tweak this weekend and see how high I can go. I'd be perfectly happy with 370 if I can keep the memory @667, but won't bet on it. I do have one quesiton though. You spoke of running pcie at 120. I have no experience with overclocking the pcie bus. What are the dangers to overdoing this bus? I see that the RD600 DFI is working on will auto OC the bus to approx. 120 with ATI cards and I am wondering if this means 120 is "safe". I don't want to damage these pretty crossfire boards when I just got them Does OC'ing this bus affect any other components adversely?
  9. Thank you so much!! This is just what I have been searching for!! :cool:
  10. Thanks for the reply all!. The system is built now and running fine at stock. I discovered the mushkin memory really likes 2.1-2.2 volts even at 800 strap an stock speed to be 100% stable. This stuff was made for overclocking and isn't stable with lower voltages. Weird, huh? I have experimented some with overclocking but still need to read more about the settings and such as I am not fully understanding the correlation between the bios settings and establishing good ratios. I will continue researching till I "get it". What I don't understand is why you aren't given ratio settings directly instead of having to choose the bootstrap and tinker. My old 875 mobo had both a bootstrap setting and also a CPU/Mem ratio setting and it was pretty straightforward to overclock. I'll probably wait for an official Bios release from DFI and use it to push the board a little. I will still probably buy the RD600 based LANPARTY board when DFI has it out and stable and by then have a handle on my DDR2 confusion. Also, The issue with the QUAD PCP&C 1kW and DFI is resolved with a jumper wire they include, although that wire terminates in a hard drive connector which you need to convert to a floppy connector to put on the board, and it does not apply the 5V through that connector, just the 12V. Finally, I will need to actively cool the NB as it does get hot as so many people have noted here. I did apply AS5 and it still runs in the 50's idle. I just boost my air intake to the case when gaming and that solves it for now. Thanks again for the advice, Keep up the good work!!
  11. I am planning on building this weekend and want to establish stock stability before attempting the highest safe stable OC settings my hardware can support. Should I go ahead and use the 823 beta bios posted in the beta bios thread before installing windows, or stick with the bios the board comes with until after my windows re-install? My current system is Abit IC7-G 875 based, so I am new to overclocking DDR2 and DFI motherboards. I will be reading up on the bios options from your overclocking guide before starting, and just want to get running stock settings stable before experimenting. I have found a lot of very useful information searching past posts and your sticky’s. Thanks for creating such a good information source mods!! I'll most likely be buying the RD600 board from DFI when it comes out to maximize my other hardware, so the 975x is kind of a placeholder till then. Also, if anyone has any advice not already on the boards for a first time DFI user and newbie to DDR2/DFI overclocking, feel free to post! Thanks!
  12. I bought this over a month a go at newegg so too late to return. Anyone use this PS with the expert board?
  13. I have read through many of the posts about the expert and power supply recommendations, including the main one that lists the PCP&C 510 ASL due to the EPS12V connector and haven't seen anything which answers my question yet. My question is this: I already have the 510SLI and am contemplating buying the DFI SLI-DR EXPERT, an Athlon X2 4400+ and at least one 7800GTX 512 for now. Has anyone used this power supply with this motherboard and had no problems? I just bought the 510SLI planning for the future with my existing PC and would hate to have made a bad choice due to the lack of EPS12V connector.
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