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    Unreal Tournament Alias: LaG|hell_warrior<br>UT2k3 Alias: hell_warrior (dno how long i'll be playing)<br>T3h clansthat r meh bros: [xeno], clan13,area51,nbk,<br><br><br>My baby was born April 26th, 2002, it was:<br><br>2000mhz P4<br>512mb ram<br>Intel D845GBEv2 (i think)<br>Geforce 4 ti 4600<br>5.1 Audigy Gamer X<br>80gb Maxtor 2mb cache<br>--------------------------------<br>LIAN LI PC 60<br>ENERMAX 430wt <br><br><3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<br><br>I should be having a new baby soon:<br><br>2800mhz (Canterwood) p4<br>512mb (2-3-2-5) OCZ EL DDR 400<br>ASUS P4C800<br>Radeon 9800**<br><br>**If t3h budget allows it which isn't too likely.<br><br>The cooling:<br><br>226wt peltier mounted on a mcw5000 water block<br>Black Ice Pro Radiator<br>Hydor L30 (320gph) Pump<br>Danger Den Resevoir ( i think )<br><br>The Baby Blankets....(yea i'm enjoying this)<br><br>Some sound absorbing sheet stuff.......1 pack - $16<br><br>So i'll get 2 or 3 cause i wanna keep my baby nice n toasty? errr.......no w.e. LoL<br><br>---------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. I seriously hope you are joking about the 2500xp beating hte 2.8c. no way in hell would you be able to do that unless the 2.8c wasn't OC'd or the person was missing one half of their brain. Yea you can get 2.2-2.4ghz range witha 2500, but FSB? If FSB matters, intel still wins ~~~~~DARK SIDE~~~~~~ w00t
  2. I find I only get that sort of gameplay when I play with n00bs. Not everywhere I go :/ I don't call my self the uber 1337. I would call it 'upper bracket', i play with the best clans. FYI - If you don't want the spam, and crap you get from other servers play private matches. *hugs go out to* m2, clan 13, area 51, <3 uG. (RIP) schwing :> (Unreal Tournament) and double hug for my clans CS division bringing home the 22-4 win
  3. Tahj mah hall *giggle* (spelling?) i dno its 4:30 Anywayz, yea, Tara Reid is t3h sexi, also from ap, ap2, who knows what else. I'd give the movie 7.99/10 :> P.S. i have a headache >.< LOoOL
  4. Now overclocking may seem easy, ...and it kinda is on some levels Anyway, I suggest you go learn how to make a pc, and you find the parts you like. Learning does help =] Also 128mb video card?! That could be ti 4200 or it could be like radeon 9800 pro :/ if you gave me a budget i might be nice and configure a pc for u but w.o. the store links.
  5. hehehe ok, I think i'm going with the corsair: 1. Its sexier 2. They are nice timings 2-2-2-6 (nothing bad about that) 3. I hear corsair can push really high :> 4. I dno
  6. I know a little about the timings, actually, i just forget it all 8) Anywayz the OCZ isn't 2-3-2-5 that was an error i read it incorrectly. It is 2-2-3-5 timings 4.5ns vs 5ns = .5ns difference =] >.
  7. I am trying to decide between: Corsair TwinX ram with 2-2-2-6 timings (5ns ram) http://www.newegg.com/app/Showimage.asp?im...-145-432-02.JPG (didn't have a detailed specification page) or OCZ ram with 2-3-2-5 timings (4.5ns ram) http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?...tion=20-146-895 The corsair is 12 dollars more and looks slightly sexier with the holographic stickers ;] the OCZ is also still platinum color.
  8. What do you use 3gigs of RAM for? Are you trying to crack like 128bit encryption... (its an expression, don't comment on the actually time plz, i already know :| )
  9. .25 increaments or .025 o0? I'm pretty sure if you do .25 everytime u will fry it =] hehehe 1.95 is pretty high in my opinion oO
  10. FORUM SPAM!!! btw, bishop where is your name =] ?
  11. I was looking through the newegg policies the otherday. I almost pee'd my pants, they say they aren't responsible for compatibilities and don't test any of their stuff. They also don't check to see if x is actually x or w.e. }:|
  12. General, yes its a pentium 4, then why only $1 ? d3, yes its used, but it was used by me ;] so its worth more hehehe 10 dollars hmm, are you asking for one of the memory chips on the RAM , or a piece of the motherboard?
  13. Hey, i should be getting new parts soon and I currently have p4 2ghz 512mb ddr 2100 Intel D845GBEV2 I was wondering if anyone was curious on buying any of the parts and how much you would pay. ;o k thx
  14. xoxide is right by where I live. I've never been to the place, but my friend ordered some stuff and drove by cause he didn't want to pay shipping 8) Also since were talking about shopping sprees, i'm planning on getting: 2.6c or 2.8c 2*256mb OCZ EL DDR 3200 (2-2-3-5) P4C800-E MCW5000 WB / 226wt peltier combo thingy (its a WB on the peltier premade) n the rest of teh water cooling stuff ;o + The peltier power supply that costs more then all the other parts >:| $120 psu.
  15. I'm not sure how many 'i'm getting or planning on gettings', but here is another one. I wanna get peltier / water cooling for my new upgrade. If i get the peltier and stuff, i don't think it would be wise for me to do anything with it because its so humid i would have a lake condensing in my computer.....Submerge cooling
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