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    Mobo Will not boot up

    Did a simple reset of the CMOS now I am back in like Flint. Thanks a million!!!!!
  2. Hello guys and gals (long time no see). My rig will not boot up. The red diagnostic leds all stay red and the ram light is green. My fans and pumps fire up but other than that no love. Me thinks me mobo has given up the ghost. Should I try to reset the CMOS and boot up again? If I need a new mobo I am gonna pull out my FX60 and dual 7800 gtxs and pop in a Conroe and 7950 gx2 instead. Thanks.
  3. DarthBeavis

    Making a window

    I had a company called Hypercore do mine (I sent them the door,they cut and installed a window which they also laser etched for me):
  4. DarthBeavis

    What do you do for fun?

    Taekwondo. I studied Rexkwondo but just did not look right in the American Flag parachute pants so I switched to Taekwondo. I currently am a brown belt.
  5. DarthBeavis

    Chimera - part human, part animal hybrids.

    Are the DVDs in 4:3 or do they have a widescreen option? Are there extras and such?
  6. DarthBeavis

    Chimera - part human, part animal hybrids.

    I forgot XFiles. Damn, I hope they release the series on HD DVD (holding out buying the DVD set).
  7. DarthBeavis

    Chimera - part human, part animal hybrids.

    You have a pic of one? You listen to Art Bell? He has actually done shows on teh subject.
  8. I just watched part of Dirty with Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy. What I watched so far was funny as hell. I have it recorded in HD so I can watch it later and even do some slo mo
  9. DarthBeavis

    7800 GT SLI Cooling

    Real geeks use water or better
  10. I have listened to NPR and it reminds me of that Saturnday Night Live skit with the two chicks who do very booring radio and have Pete Schweddy on to talk about his Schweddy balls. I don't believe in tax dollar for art including radio. If you can't cut it without tax dollars then you should find a different job.
  11. I hate NPR (which I call Nationalist Socialist Radio since it consumes public money - I am too far Libertarian and Capitalist for that stuff). Now I love Howard (we have Sirius in both cars) and Tom Leykis. IHMO: Rush suXors big time as do all real liberals (Howard may hate Bush but he is not liberal by any means if you have followed him - he is really independent in his views). I know you all will hate me but that is okay I guess. I do think Bush is a dickwad for Iraq but I (generally) like his tax policy since I benefit from it. If you were in my shoes you might understand (or I should say if you are).
  12. DarthBeavis

    Angry's Blog of Doom (or idiocy....take your pick)

    My wife and I both carry Glocks and we both just got our brown belts yesterday. If armagedon comes, we will be one of the survivors I think.
  13. Can I get spanked for asking for neg rep?
  14. DarthBeavis

    Watercooling + Case Mods

    Isn't it dangerous to have water in a computer?
  15. I thought Angry owned this site. Did you buy it from him?