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  1. Before I got my dfi board i tryed out bfgs new board. In my hurry to complete system i plugged one of my outgonig 4 pin connectors back into my modstream psu by ocz. took me a few hours to figure out the problem,..even got it to boot a couple of times like that lol. only thing that got screwed up was my temp display on the front of my antec case(now it only shows -3 celsius) I have To say that ocz psu is one tough cookie ..still using it now. on to the dfi board , between my abit av8, and the bfg it impressed me right out of the box with the weight of the mobo, and quality of the build. Only thing that gave me any problems was trying to find out if u needed all the power connectors plugged up, and which ram slots to use . thanks to this board it was no big deal. and i was reminded not to rush when building a pc :nod:
  2. just installed the board last night , used arctic alumina on the cpu. my temps are running cpu 33......system 44 celsius. which is making the nvidia monitor flash. is this in the normal operating range?
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