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  1. Turns out the issue with my board was the Nvidia IDE drivers, my suggestion with this board is not to install them in the first place and I've heard that from a few other sources...if you watch Angry_Games' XP tweak video you'll also notice he unchecks them from the install list before installing. The yk51x86.sys one is referring to the Lan Driver, since uninstalling the IDE driver that error has also dissapeared. As far as Compatibility with Corsair goes I strongly recommend using TMODS 704.2bta bios as it seems like the most compatible, Link Here The other reason I recommend Corsair is the excellent tech help that Ramguy and his assosciates give on their forum, it's second to none and they really know their stuff - they really do their best to help and are quick to respond to any queries, Official Corsair Memory Support Forum Also worth noting TV, they have some informative and reasonably easy to understand tutorials on Memory latencies and timings which might help you understand a little more about the way it all hangs together - I certainly learned from it. If you want to overclock as a noob, have a look at this
  2. Scrub that, Hiper PSU not to blame... I've replaced the Phillips DVD Roms for two NEC 4551A's (DVD Ram) and also rolled back the IDE drivers to the standard XP ones and I no longer get BSOD during high hard-disk usage. I also swapped the DFI cables for Akasa, though not sure if this had much to do with it...from what I've read in other post's it was most likely the drivers.
  3. Ok then, I'll put both HD's on one Ide and both DVD rams on the other! This solves the issue with cable position, I'll let you all know how things go!
  4. Yeah I heard somewhere that it's better to have the opticals on separate channels for the same reason...I heard it a very long time ago though so it may not be relevant now! As it goes if I did put both HD's on one channel and both Opticals on the other, I would no longer have the problem with their position on the IDE cables... Currently I have the Boot set as master on IDE0, but in the middle of the cable. I have the Data HD on Master IDE1 again on the middle connector. Both DVD drives are on the end connectors with the jumpers set to slave. From what I've read above I think I may be okay, with possibly one more change to set the Data HD to Slave on IDE1 and the DVD drive on IDE1 to Master, so that there is a Master DVD drive (also this would mean the Cable is used as it should be) It's actually working fine as it's currently set up, I'm not sure if it's because I've swapped the Phillips DVD burners for NEC or because I've rolled back the IDE drivers but I no longer get BSOD when using Powerdirector to split up an 18GB AVI file automatically. It's interesting to hear there is an "extra" wire in the 80 way cable...I got my continuity tester out on my Akasa Cables and I couldn't actually see any electrical difference between the master and slave plugs...perhaps some manufacturers support cable select and some dont...funnily enough when I put in the NEC drives I also got rid of the DFI IDE and floppy cables too, so I guess it could also have something to do with that! Tell you what though, for something as "simple" as cables, I'm amazed how many differing opinions I've received!
  5. Right, thanks for that Swaaye but unfortunately it doesn't really answer my question! I've checked the electrical connections and as I expected they are identical at both the Master and Slave terminals, unlike the old Drive A/B floppies which have a twist in the cable. It's not a question of leaving one or other plug disconnected as I have two PATA hard Drives and two DVD drives. I currently have one HD and one DVD on each Channel, but the HD's are set to Master and placed on the middle connector while the DVD's are set as slaves and are at the end of the cable. As I said in my original post this is due to Physical constriaints in that the door on the front of the case won't shut if I put the HD coolers in the top two bays. I know that the recommended way of setting it is Master at the end and slave in the middle, what I was wondering was why this is, as I cannot see any elecrical difference whatsoever in the terminals. So again I think the 2nd question I still need an answer for and it would also be interesting to know exactly why its recommended to use the standard layout as the electrical connections are in fact identical.
  6. Hi, I'm using two Cooldrive 6 HD coolers for my PATA Hitachi's in my NZXT Lexa case, this means they only fit in the bottom two 5.25" bays as in the top two they foul the door. What I'm wondering is: a) does it matter if I put the Slave DVD's at the end of the IDE leads ? B) Should I have HD master/DVD Slave on each IDE or HD Master/HD slave on one Ide and DVD master/DVD slave on the other? Both DVD burners are Identical NEC 4551's (Apologies on incorrect sig BTW)
  7. I now have another two sticks of the same corsair Xpert (CMXP512XL) and I get the same error when using these...Well kind of, now there is another line at the bottom of the BSOD as so: Does this give anyone any better idea what the problem is?
  8. Yeah my board had the epoxy on it too, I think I said actually...anyway just to let people know I havent got around to using any circuit writer yet as I dont have any, but the 2B pencil is still holding in there and I get "SLI" every time on POST!!!
  9. I use a Zalman CNPS9500 on my modded Ultra-D NF4, only slight concern being the weight so I'm extra carefull when moving it. I wouldn't recommend them for lanparties though as not only are they heavy but there's a lot of leverage with all that copper being so far away from the fulcrum... Also of slight concern is how the heatpipes work...Fine if the Rig is laying flat but in a tower? The only other issue with mine would be that due to using Corsair Xpert series Ram I've had to mount it so the fan blows upwards (in tower config) but the upside is this actually cools the ram nearest the CPU! Every cloud has a silver (or maybe Copper!) lining!
  10. Scrub that, it's now doing it every time I go into Add/Remove programs, even if I use Safe Mode and log in as Admin. Just once, I wish I could USE my computer and not REPAIR it!
  11. Dont say that!!! Ramguy suggested I try the yellow slots instead...is this wise? I thought the Orange ones were the stable ones??? :confused:
  12. Is this likely to be related to my Memory: or is it more likely my Hyper Type-R 580 PSU... Any Ideas guys?
  13. Hi I'm using a Hyper Type-R 580w and I've been getting a lot of these: I've disabled External Cache and USB Shadow Memory which has kind of helped (I can run Powerdirector4 now) but it still happens occasionally. Everest tell me the following: CPU Core=1.52v +2.5=1.17v +3.3=3.31v +5.0=5.03v +12=12.03v +5 standby=5.11v Vbatt=3.09 Dimm3=2.92v Dimm4=2.88v I dont know how accurate Everest is but they seem to tally with the Bios...bit worried about the +2.5 one. Could this be what's causing the BSOD...it boots fine but if I read from the DVD or Run anything intesive it crashes 90% of the time. Memtest passed continually for 24 hrs.
  14. see: Hyper Type-R problems and: Type-R reviews I keep getting the following: It's only after Disabling External Caching and USB Memory Shadowing I can get it to work under load with my rig....Shame tho, it's a lovely LOOKING PSU!
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