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  1. I can't believe im such an idiot as to not have tried this!! im my excitement at going sli i totally didn't think about uninstalling the thing!! Have now uninstalled and reinstalled in the last socket and everything is peachy. have both GTX's with NV5's on them sliently powering away in there. Thanks mate, you always find you've missed something simple that someone else can point out! lol!!
  2. Hey People. Just wondering if there is an issue with the last pci slot on this board. I have recently added another GTX to go sli since the release of mixed vendor support in Nvidias 8 series drivers and inteded to fit another NV Silencer as i have with my current card. However, when i moved my Audigy 4 down to the last pci slot to give some space between the cards it played music/games etc fine on the outputs, but when i tried recording from my decks through the external connection box that comes with the A4 i'm getting no signal at all. If i move the card back up to the slot it was in before then everything works fine, but the center dome on the fan of the Silencer presses against the back top right corner of the soundcard which, while its spinning, is not going to be a good thing for either piece of kit. Does anyone know of an issue with the last pci slot and is there anything that can be done to fix this? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thats what i thought, but the bios is what controls the fan speed for my Freezer 64 Pro as its plugged into the mobo, and sometimes it drops visibly in rpm! Not that i'm complaining, its clocked at 2.5Ghz at the mo and if it idles at 26*C there, im pretty sure i can get some nice temps at high speeds when i get some decent OC co-operative memory! lol!
  4. Hi people! I recently got my new Lanparty Expert and since putting my opteron in i have seen quite a drop in temps over my old A8N-SLi. According to asus probe on my old board the cpu idled around 30-32*C but having moved to the DFI i know seem to have idle temps around 24-26*C!! Sometimes my cpu coolers caf even spins down as the temp drops below the minimum in the bios of 25*C!! Are the temp sensors on this mobo accurate when read through MBM5 using the modded data files or should i allow for a bit of headroom here? i have noticed that my reading for DDR voltage is normally about 0.4v off what i set it in the bios, so was wondering if the same could be said for the reported temps?
  5. If you check out OCUK under the Corsair section they have some PC4000 cas 3,4,4,8. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Corsair_XMS.html and reviewed here... http://www.overclockersonline.com/index.ph...rticles&num=329 They seem pretty good, like to run at 1t command the whole way up which is useful! I think i'm leaning towards the Corsair rather then G.Skill now as i know they are nice and reliable. I do have another question... I am using MBM5 to measure my temps now and it seems that my cpu is runnig A LOT cooler than it did on my A8N-SLi Deluxe. at its current OC of 2.5Ghz its idling around 25/26*C, and occasionally below that causing my fan on my Freezer 64 Pro to spin down to around 1500rpm instead of its normal 2200. Are the temp monitors on the mobo quite acurate or should i allow for some headroom here? these are about 9*C lower than i used to get! seems a big drop!
  6. I will do that tonight when i get home from work, see what they're like on their own. Thing is i'm getting pretty fed up with constantly havin mrm probs, so i think i'm gonna E-Bay these and get some decent DDR500 ones. There are some new Corsairs out which are only about £187 which have got some pretty decent write ups so i'll give them a try i think. at least i know they'll do the desired 250mhz guaranteed. I would look at the HZ but not too sure, they apprently use Samsung UCCC chips, anyone know what these dimms perform like compared to the corsairs?
  7. Hi guys! i was hoping someone here could help me out. I am currently running the specs in my sig and am attempting to OC. The problem is, i think that my memory maybe a bit on the weak side. I bought this as it seemed to be a decent clocking set of dimms that would reach the desired 250mhz fsb i was going for on a divider. After doing some research and buying these i am having SERIOUS trouble getting anything stable above 2.5Ghz. Even when i take the memory down to BELOW rated specs its erroring out in Prime95!! Anyone got any ideas? here are the links that persuaded me to buy these... http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=77205 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...highlight=skill Both these show them hitting decent fsb speeds, as good as the OCZ PC4000. I knwo these are rated at PC3200, but was expecting better than this! lol!I've tried upping the voltage etc, all to no luck. however it will pass memtest test 5 for over 30 passes at 250mhz no probs! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Thanks guys! i've only ever had Asus boards which have all featured PCI locks, be they based on Via or NF4, so that clears up that up thanks. Also, thanks to Servo101s post in another thread i found out i had my ram in the wrong sockets. Moved from yellow to orange and everything is looking far better!
  9. So its already locked? i couldn't find anything to say so in the manual at all. Is this the case with all DFI boards?
  10. Hi people! I'm new to the wonderful world of DFI, having finally ditched my picky and frankly uncooperative Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe. I'm hoping to hit some of the great OC's that i have seen others hit with this cpu and a dfi board but hav found a problem already... I have no idea where the PCI lock is in the bios!! Since i couldn't see a setting for it i assumed the bus was already locked so started to clock and test, only to be smacked down with the classic corrupted windows prob and faced with a re-install! lol!! Could someone tell me where i might find this in the bios, or suggest a modded bios for this boad that is stable and includes tjhe option? I'm currently running the 2005/11/02 bios from the download site. Thanks People!!
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