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  1. Need to know where the Motherboard temp sensor is On this board the number is reading off the charts like 90C or higher and dont know why? and dont know where it is could some one please tell me where this sensor is.. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Product_Pictur...%20SLI-T2R1.jpg
  2. Download links dont seem to be working am I missing something?
  3. Well still in the works havent really hit a wall just orthos testing going on 12hrs. have it at 3.6Ghz proc with 1.65v temps are in the images any more info take a look at images Just out of curiosity anyone know what could help me press it closer to 4Ghz CPU-Z dosent see clock speed right. dunno why Temps are around 45C on both cores however the Motherboard temp sensor is really high at like 95C anyone know where this sensor is? have the proc on a 226w pelt and a 320mm Radiator
  4. I dont think that was it because it was measured in "GB"... I just updated to 5-21 bios from shipped 4-23 and of course the option is no longer there
  5. TOM limit in bios on 680i SLI LT DFI Advanced Chipset features. It isnt even in the picture of the manual as being an option anyone know what it means? Second, Any modded bios for this board 680i SLI LT DFI? please point me in the right direction Thanks, Halo
  6. I have a ram fan ... CoolIt and OCZ both make good ones. Try messing with Drive strength for ram in bios when i went from SLI-DR to SLI-DR expert i had to raise it.. But i suggest cooling it with a small fan but that is just me...
  7. Anyone know of any good Modded 680i bios I have the BFG version of the board Im assuming and correct me if im wrong that The variants of are able to use the same bios Biostar, BFG, eVGA, Inno3d, 680i mobos are all the same board just relabled and shipped with differnt crap. So if anyone knows of a good version plz let me know Thx }{@lo
  8. Try a fine flathead screwdriver to pop clips and the reason i removed mine is cuz of two of these http://www.koolance.com/shop/product_info....a4676565e9c9617
  9. I'd say wait for the new chips to come out later this year or early next..... just for the reason that DX10 etc. new process ETC. but if you really wanted to take a look at this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814122012 that is the 256 model this is the 512 model http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814121025 And it is pretty much a 7900GTX downclocked a bit.. but ppl are getting nice oc's out of em up to 7900 GTX spec
  10. This is a very well documented problem..even coating the thing in Silicon didnt help me and since the pump is on the res base.. its terrible ... Gigabyte didnt do anything to solve the problem... But yeah i had a post on how well this thing cools but it has its problems...ex the POS reservoir
  11. yeah that memory will clog good luck on the OC though
  12. been playing some bf2 with these new drives in... very quiet under load, by far the fastest loader in BF2 Games....gets maps and all data loaded extremely fast....im very happy with these drives....
  13. just got the raid set up and the HDTACH showed very very impressive results 287.6 MB/s burst speed.. 2x wd raptors are 197.9 MB/s Burst on intel controller
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