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  1. Averages working fine now, thanks dude
  2. Hey, I just installed the nVidia GPU plugin for MBM5, thanks _xhp_ however one small problem. in the High/Low settings screen, all the columns (Current, High, Low and Average) all display the same value, which is the current value! Is there any way to correctly log the individual values? Using MBM 5370 and v7 of the plug-in Thanks, Suman
  3. Hey, I'm not trying to run Crossfire dude, I just want to run a single X800 card in an x8 slot which I have read around is entirely possible (a lot of people have this config working fine). Cheers, Suman
  4. Ok so I've rebuilt my PC into the new case and in the process I decided to replace the chipset fan on the DFI Ultra-D with a Zalman. So I split the PCI-E lanes 8x/8x by moving the jumpers, fit the Zalman, then put my X800 XL into the lower x8 slot. Now when I boot up I get no display! The computer posts and I can hear the Windows sounds, but there is no picture on my TFT. Weirder still, if I try and use one of my backup nVidia cards (a crappy Quadro NVS280) the PC boots perfectly and I can see everything! So is this a specific issue with ATi cards running in an 8x slot?! I want to try with a card in each slot but because of the Zalman I can't even fit the nV card in the upper x8 slot, and to remove the Zalman I'd have to completely deconstruct the PC What's more I'm sure one of the other OcUK members (gamesaregood I think) managed to run his X800 GTO perfectly in the lower 8x slot on his SLI-D... Any ideas please?! Cheers, Suman
  5. I'm at my parents house for the hols so comp isn't with me, sorry dude! However a thought, review sites often have high res images of the bare board, so you could just google image search or whatever and get the exact shot you want? Suman
  6. Likewise, I'm sorry too, was just in a bad mood and a bit frustrated with my Opty came to post here because apparently you are all the masters of DFI boards! One thing I haven't tried playing around with yet is Drive strength... says in the guide only Sammy likes weak and everything else likes strong? I think mine is set to Weak 3 or something atm... will have a play and report back! Thanks, Suman
  7. This thread is almost 1000 posts long. Unlike you I don't have my entire life to sit here and read it along with all the others. I was merely asking if anyone had experience with the same setup to save myself some time, I don't think there is any harm in this? I am well aware of how to use the Search function, and I have read many threads and still not found the answer. Please don't bother replying if you have nothing more than a pedantic answer to give me. Thanks anyway, Suman
  8. Ok, sorry if this has been discussed already but I don't fancy reading through a thousand posts to find the answer With the spec in my sig I am having problems with either the board, memory controller or RAM. It doesnt play ball with a lot of dividers (even very low ones), and I am using very slack memory timings for things like MAL and RP. Now obviously it could be that the memory controller on my CPU isn't too hot, but to rule out everything could someone please tell me: 1) What's the best BIOS to use with my Corsair (Infineon Die Rev. B)? 2) What are the best Genie RAM settings to get stability with the Corsair? I can Memtest for hours at 3Ghz (10 x 300) but it is not stable at all in Windows Thanks, Suman
  9. nealh: Just saw your sig and you are using the yellow slots... when I used any official release, I keep getting a warning message to use the orange slots for dual channel and it pauses on startup until I press F1. Any way to stop this? Bigtoe's modded 704 doesnt do this... Thanks, Suman
  10. Ahh ok, maybe that's an issue with 4 sticks of RAM rather than Corsair-specific though? I'm having to run really loose MAL and RP to get above 260ish with my Opty. I'm not sure if it is RAM, CPU memory controller or Mobo/BIOS that is holding my back from 3 Ghz... Cheers, Suman
  11. Sorry doodle, could you explain that again please mate, I didn't quite understand your phrasing... Cheers, Suman
  12. FonTex which BIOS worked best for you in the end? Cheers, Suman
  13. Hi, Sorry I don't know if this is the right place to post, but what BIOS would be best for the spec in my sig? I'm not sure what RAM chips the Corsair uses... possibly INFINEON Die Rev B? Thanks, Suman
  14. Sig didn't show in the post above for some reason but it should be now...
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