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  1. Running 1280x960 85Hz on a old Dell CRT 19".. it does do up to 1600x1200 70Hz but the flickering is hurting my eyes LOL
  2. Happy_Games often writes what I think But nevertheless he is right... if everyone could write anything they want this forum could build up quite fast with rubbish.. Internet is wonderful for connecting people, put sometime you just gotta pull the plug if you know what I mean
  3. Tier_II: Not bad, not bad at all I see that $995.00 can give you quite a good performance in RAID-5.
  4. Aeka you give out good tips, but for the sake of sanity, you should say which file to edit, is this a INF file you should edit? If so, which one? Is it a .REG file you should edit? If so which one? Or create a new one? Im sure clever people can figure this one out, but seeing you already completed these steps it would be easier for others to follow if you give a example create nvfix.inf put this in it: AddReg = nVATA_Tweaks [nVATA_Tweaks] ;HKR.. etc etc..
  5. I don't have anything creative to suggest, rather than a product from Creative hehe =) Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS $64.99 or something cheap like this one Creative Sound Blaster SB0570 Audigy SE $27.99
  6. You make it sound that there is no difference.
  7. do you mean "2 raptors in RAID0 isn't much faster than 2 standard satas in RAID-0" ? or that 2 Raptors in RAID-0 isn't faster than any one sata drive ? If the latter, the statement is faulty
  8. If I understand you correctly, you are saying to him to delete the data on the harddrive that survived? To me, it doesn't sound like this is what he wanted to do
  9. jimval: you sticks are 512mb, his sticks are 1024mb larger capacity memory generally overclock worse and have higher timings.
  10. Oh you did buy the raid drives edition, with the Time-Limited Error Recovery (TLER). How do they work for you in the nF4 controller? I was told these a specifically for a hardware controller that does it's own error checking so the drives own firmware doesn't interfere with the whole raid arrays rythm. The speed looks good. With the default settings this array would be 64kb stripe and 4kb cluster, right? Command Queing, Read Cache and Write Cache, disabled or enabled? all default?
  11. Mops if I were you I would sell them right away and buy something else. If you're a strong faith person who have great trust in the company Crucial, well, keep testing every replacement they send you. This thread is up to 68 pages now... so it gotta count for something.
  12. I like mine with Command Queuing disabled and Read Cache enabled. That's what gives me the best real life performance, even if benchmarks with HD Tach show decrease in burst MB/s with Read Cache enabled. I'm thinking the burst speed is effected "negativly" cause it has to go through the cache before being delivered to the program, but instead the speed from the cache to the program should be greater (in real life performance). But of course there is a overhead so the performance may differ depending on the task... Don't know how HD Tach does it's calculation *shrug*
  13. If they haven't got a clue what the problem is, and if they haven't fixed it, it can explain why they don't want to ship out replacements right away. But then again it could be that they don't have enough sticks to send out. Why they have sticks to send if you call and push them might aswell be cause they feel forced to send them out before really knowing if they have resolved the problem. You don't have to listen to me but I just write my thoughts here...
  14. Yep I saw that early on... but they aren't matched pair 4x1GB Is it the same revision on both pairs? hmm Hope it works now
  15. Does it work at DDR 333 ? (166mhz x 2) You should try it, select the 5:6 divider under memory settings. Remember you are not guaranteed that just because you have 4 sticks of memory they will all work together. As singles all sticks should work, as duals yes most will work but as always a "matched pair" that has been tested together in dual channel is prefered. But to be running 4 sticks, maybe you need the same brand, model and revision of memory... Either way you are not guaranteed that a "matching pair" memory will work at that speed if you are running 4 sticks, all that is guaranteed is that speed with 2 sticks.
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