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  1. That pc is sick!!!:eek: Great work:)
  2. Yeah its set to 1.475v, but shows as 1.424v in cpu-z.
  3. So do you want me to get everything required in one post as opposed to the scattered ones i have right now?
  4. Oh duh how to do everything is right in newbie's sig. Well i have all the raw results but if you want me to get everything like yours newbie, it will take awhile. The only thing i don't know how to do, is how you got all the info from your bios into a text like that on the computer :confused: I cannot not us a64 tweaker beta because i had it on there before and screwed up my computer, and now whenever i redownload it i get the same problem which leaves me no choice but to boot in safe mode and delete it.
  5. Well we can't all get the results we want, lol. 3ghz is fine with me anyway. So i need 3dmark results and some everest to make it to the 3ghz club?
  6. I know thats why i love this chip. I can't find any other computer on the net that can hit 3ghz on a voltage as low as mine, makes me wonder if i can go more with still a decent voltage:cool:
  7. Yeah i can't find it. Are the ones above //// fine?
  8. Man you guys want everything specific, but i'm so software inclined its not even funny. I don't know how to do tabs or thumbnails. You guys should just come over to my house and i'll show you, lol, j/k. I'll add 3dmark 03, 05, 06, everest read & latency, but you'll just have to give me a few
  9. Heres the first pic that i managed to save of my success for dual priming on small fft's for 24hr+: super_pi 32mb run: super_pi 1mb: My computer is tuned for reliability, its not a record breaking machine, but gets the job done for running games
  10. Is there any other upload site other than uploadfile.info?
  11. the size of the pics are too big. uploadfile.info only allows a 1024k limit and i'm using a different camera than before so i can only do 1600x1200 or 640x480. What a friggen bummer...any suggestions. I just got the pics for super_pi 1mb&32mb, and the pics that i saved from previously when i did prime95 24hr+ And what the duce is a OCDB?
  12. I want to be in the 3ghz overclock club I'll start taking pics of my results and i'll post them on here.
  13. lol, so 52c is probably perfectly fine.
  14. my chipset can get up to 52c when gaming because of case temps when everything is loaded, but it didn't really seem to affect stability of any kind.
  15. thanks for the reply. Sometimes i was getting worried about the temps and thought it might cause problems, but knowing that is always good.
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