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  1. My NF4 SLI-DR EXPERT boards chipset fan has come loose. its rattling and shaking my desk, and its really starting to . me, however after pulling it apart, i am unsure of how to re-attach it properly. It just wont go on... Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
  2. This voltage issue with the Expert and the RDX200 board... http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...t=83032&page=13 It states that a small proportion of people are having issues with these 2 boards where they will actually corrupt something in the older bios versions, and they will instantly send over 3volts to the CPU causing it instant death. Its only a small population who have this issue, however im not 1 for taking that kind of risk. Well worth the read. temperature readouts seem to be all over the place with this board and its different for everyone. I have an external temperature reader, and with the first release bios there was a 10-15oC difference in the actual termperature and the displayed temp in bios/smartguardian, with the latest beta bios there is only between 6-8oC difference... However it varies alot for people, my advice to everyone is, find out your own boards temp differences and then accurately adjust fan speeds etc for it.
  3. 1) A64 processors dont like .5 multiplyers, your better off sticking with whole numbers... 7, 8, 9 and not using 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 etc 2) http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...09&page=1&pp=15 It is a common fault with all expert boards. With the first bios release it was approximately (from my read outs on an external diode and the onboard readouts) 15oC lower readouts than it really was, now with the latest beta bios which also fixes the processor voltage issues, its approximately 8oC out. I suggest getting the latest bios release from here... http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=B&SITE=NA Cheers
  4. I have the latest bios and it has indeed increased the temperature up higher. It use to be around 15oC out, now its about 8-9oC out if im correct. 1 thing i have noticed though, is the fan speed on the motherboard. The temperature reading says 35oC, and it will incrase the fans speed to around 3750rpm, even though i have set the fan speed to be on maximum at 25oC in bios and changed it to full speed in smartguardian as well. Its like the bios is reading the temperature correctly and adjusting the fan accordingly however just not giving readouts of the right temperature. And the bios fan speed seems to do virtually nothing, as if my cpu gets up to the 40oC mark, it will still increase the fan speed even more than 3750rpm to around 5000rpm, even though its on maximum @ 25oC..... Weird, anyone else notice this. Cheers
  5. Hi again, I am currently running the rig below in my sig, i have the X1800XT version of ur exact card (HIS brand) But my friend also ordered the same system as me, but didnt have the extra funds for the XT version and he got the XL version of the card. His is working perfectly the same as my system now. So it cant be the XL card as there is little difference between the XL and XT version and my friend also has the XL version and not a single problem either....
  6. i have an opteron 170, expert board and i was stuffing around with cmos and battery when i was overclocking my system and i went too far and never had a single issue with it to do with voltage...
  7. Dload the newer 6.70 drivers off the nvidia site, i had the same issues with the exact same speakers, and i downloaded them and it works fine now. I see you are using the default 6.66 drivers that came with it... Cheers
  8. Ok ive had so many issues with this board too, i bought a 680watt ThermalTake PSU and it wasnt enough for my system, i had to get the SilverStone 650Watt beast costing me over $250 to get my system working. Also make sure your ram is in the orange slots, as i found out the hard way that the yellow slots = gayness....
  9. Ok, got the PSU today (silverstone 650 watt) and changed my ram into orange slots... Booting up, it goes around 100% faster into windows, testing all my games, NONE of them crashed, and copied over 40gig worth of files, and no network crash... It seems that either the PSU or the RAM in orange slots has done the trick, this mobo has never been more stable in its life. Thanks for all the help guys, i really appreciate it. Am just about to flash to the new 12/07/2005 bios that came out this morning. Cheers
  10. New bios released.... http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=B&SITE=NA May help your problems.
  11. Good to hear that im not the only person with the rebooting from gathering info bug... I always thought there was a feature in bios which could be enabled or disabled in order to stop this from happening. I thought it was a feature designed to stop bios viruses or unauthorised programs from accessing the bios to cause damage. However after my research on this topic, i came up with nothing... I am currently running the 25/11/2005 driver, and it didnt solve that problem yet. Does this DFI-Street site/forum have any connetctions within the DFI company to inform them about issues like this. It seems with a forum like this, it would be the key place to go to gain information on their own products....
  12. what kind of instability issues did you have by running those ram's in yellow... did games crash etc? or was it just unstable when doing memtest, prime95 and other stability tests like that....
  13. Thats awsome, well hopefully it will work with the new psu and the ram in the orange slots.... I bloody hope so, as i really want this beast to fire up and run perfectly, so i can hit my 2.6gighz - 3gighz goal and try and take top possition in the X1800XT series card in 3dmark05.... Cant do that if it doesnt boot and stay stable ....
  14. . ay? Thats crazy, whats with the crappy coding and design of some motherboards. Did the rams work in the orange slots perfectly fine ???
  15. Really though, it shouldnt make much difference which slots they are in, yellows or oranges, they should work. However i will give it a try when my new PSU arrives tommorrow arvo.
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