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  1. like... a p4 2.66ghz, 224MB of no name ram ( is that even possible? 224?) :confused: and some other crpa i dont even know what the names are and the optical drives dont even work. Is the power supply ok?? Thanks
  2. thanks for the comments guys im really looking forward to this. I kinda wanted to stick with the smartpower becuz it was low priced, modular, and it was on the list of psus on this forum. Is there really alot of trouble caused by this psu? if so, could u guys refer me to another modular, moderately priced psu? Also, this ddr500 thing is confusing me. Everyone says that i should get it becuz i wanna over clock but do u just plug it in and it runs at ddr 500? or do u have to change some stuff up b4 it works?? Cuz the mobo specs say that the ddr standard is ddr400... Thanks alot
  3. Hi, I've recently been persuaded to build a computer since the 3 yr old computer that's in my house is kinda crapping out on me. My friends have recommended these parts listed in my signature and I primarily want to use the computer for gaming. World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2 and such. I've also just learned that overclocking existed and my friends told me that dfi was great for that. Do these parts check out? Will they work together? Will the motherboard pose any threat to a noob like me cuz it kinda looks intimidating. Do these things usually fire up on the first go? Thanks alot for any input
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