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  1. I_Finland

    eVGA 7800GTX 512MB, Redlines

    Do you have screenshot or link for the orb for that little under 12k result? I might be interested in buying that card, well actually my brother would like to have it but i am the buyer.
  2. I_Finland

    Expert revisions

    I have same revision i think and board has been working perfectly. I thought the revision was A00 but it could have been AA0. Didnt have any problems with original bios or the new one. I also know someone who got 02 (or something like that) revision of the board and its working perfectly too. I dont think revision matters that much.
  3. I_Finland

    Titan Chipset Cooler

    Titan looks really good Is the evercools bottom mirror finished?
  4. I_Finland

    Dead mainboard? Bios problem

    Thats a good way to destroy your cpu if i am not mistaken.
  5. It fits perfectly and pretty easy install.
  6. Is that the boxed X2 cooler? My boxed cooler got 4 heatpipes and copper base... weird
  7. If you cant get evercool get TITAN TTC-CUV2AB / RHS. temperature 45 at full load& GF GTX512mb blocking ½ of the cooler. Original went to 55 and sounded like a drill at full speed. BTW titan runs around 2800RPM at 45C on full load and it makes very little/ no noise. Full speed is around 4400RPM and then you can hear it but its nothing like the original and of course it drops the temps below that 45 while going full speed but i like the silent mode more and 45 is ok temperature for chipset imo. Picture of temps while doing some prime http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d93/MBJU/Temperatures.jpg
  8. I_Finland

    Scythe SCNJ1000 Ninja and DFI Lan. Exp.

    Temperatures are PWM 38, Chipset 42, CPU 25 idle. CPU temp sensor shows 19-20 but i am sure its higher that that so my guess is that its 25 *edit* While priming PWM 46, Chipset 45, CPU 34. Fans have been set so that case fan goes full when PWM temp is 55, Ninjas fan goes full when CPU is 35 and Chipset fan goes full when chipset is 55. I am really happy with these temperatures and there is no sound! Well not much anyway. After some priming temperatures show like this http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d93/MBJU/Temperatures.jpg I almost love my computer now, it works so good
  9. I_Finland

    Scythe SCNJ1000 Ninja and DFI Lan. Exp.

    Installed ninja for cpu and titan for chipset. Works great and silent & cool. I used dremel for the backplate so it fits perfectly and does not contact memory slot or the other sides components. Awesome cooler but little difficult to install. Recommended.
  10. I_Finland

    Scythe SCNJ1000 Ninja and DFI Lan. Exp.

    I can give you opinion tomorrow morning when my ninja arrives, also will be trying to install TITAN TTC-CUV2AB / RHS cooler for chipset. Anyone tryed that for chipset? Couldnt find that evercool anywhere so had to order titan. If anyone has pictures of installing ninja or complete installation on expert please show them. Also i am little worried about the weight of it...
  11. I_Finland

    OCZ PC4000 EB PE 2gb Kit

    I ordered this memory set too and will place the old sticks in my sig to 2nd computer. Oh god i hope the new set works with 270 fsb 1:1
  12. I_Finland

    X2 4400+ OC Tips

    It should be published now, didnt notice it before.
  13. I_Finland

    X2 4400+ OC Tips

    Yes i think you are right, i just got carried away with overclocking. But i still think i will replace the cooler for something else.
  14. I_Finland

    X2 4400+ OC Tips

    Hello. My first real overclocking try and i am happy with the results. X2 4400+ @ 11x244 2684mhz 1.475v My current memory is not probably the best possible oc memory and i was thinking if i buy 500mhz ddr kit. Will i get more mhz out of my prosessor using 1:1 FSB:MEM ratio and do i notice the difference? And which kit to buy? I got about 10500 3dmark05 points while i used 05/06 divider with 250mhz fsb and i got over 11000 when i switched to 1:1 and 244 FSB so divider lowers the performance a bit yes? How much is it safe to put voltages on the processor while running on stock air cooling? The temp sensor show right now 30C but i know its little bit hotter since my real temperature meter says 37C at the heatpipe. Also if someone could recommend good cooler for expert board with 4400+ processor id be happy. Here is link for the 3dmark05 score http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1673315
  15. I_Finland

    to flash or not to flash?

    I have first revision of the board and its working perfectly with the original bios. And afaik there is only 2 official bios. But i dont think it would do any harm to flash latest official bios that is if you know how to do it