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  1. My bad, I thought the rules refered to attachments, not links... Just curious, why do you care how big the images are if they are hosted on a remote site?
  2. Hey Ladiez and Gentlemen.....introducing my final product! I've actually been done with it for some time but now just getting to posting some pictures. First off this thread is the reason I went and started researching this killer case and found that it is the ultimate for watercooling. I knew from the start I wanted to use the swiftech apex ultra kit with Kathars killer water block, so i had to have a big case to mod with the double size external radiator. A few drilled holes later and tons of hours hiding cables, sheathing cables and out-right planning and whaaaala...... The pics just don't do this setup justice....the cables look messy in the pics but they really arent. They actually are spaced out real well and look orchestrated in person....but you get the jist of it. Give me some feedback (yes the pics are large but they arent attachments, I'm hosting them from my work server!
  3. LowGun

    DFI EXPERT Problem!!!!

    It really doesnt matter what mobo you buy, you should still start with minimal hardware when you install windows. I would take out the non-sytem drives and disconnect any other non-vital components and see if that helps. Thats standard on all new system builds...
  4. LowGun

    New PSU for oc'ing and SLI

    The OCZ powerstream 520 is a great PSU for the money and has 3 sets of prewrapped connectors as well as sleeved mainboard connectors and the case is real shiny metal that looks great!
  5. LowGun

    Results with DFI Expert

    Dude, those screenshots are soo small I cant make out any of them...thats probably why no one is responding...
  6. LowGun

    2 gb and overclock

    I cant say enough good things about the Mushkin Redlines I got. they run just fine at 2.8v 250fsb (2x1GB)
  7. LowGun

    Radiator Install Location

    I like the outside Radbox design form Swiftech. Keeps the heat that comes off the radiator outside the case and not heating up your internals. All you need is a 1" holesaw!
  8. Thought I would throw this out there and see if this happened to anyone else.... I finally got the rest of my tubing I needed and installed my NV78 from Danger Den and some swiftech VGA sinks on the other side of my 7800GTX and my average 3dmark05 score went up 60-70 points!?! All I can guess is that the card is running sooo much cooler and its squeezing out a few more frame/per sec then it could running 15-20 degrees hotter? Anyone have this happen for them?
  9. LowGun

    AMD X2 3800+ Overclocking.

    Do yourself a favor, if you have not already tried the other slots for your memory do it. I had mine in yellows like the manual says and couldnt get better then 210 stable...put them in orange and the settings I was using to get 210 worked at 250 right away!
  10. LowGun

    x2 3800 hitting a brick wall

    I suggest turning off ALL of the power management features to start, no thermal throttling, no ACPI, etc. I'm not familiar with your fan and heatsink configuration either, if your hitting 47c that you know of it is possible after an hour that you got too hot. I also think it would help if you posted the rest of your bios settings, especially RAM. check all that power management garbage first, make sure you dont have it set to shut off at a certain temp that you might be hitting.
  11. If I'm not mistaken the same CE-6 chips are on the Mushkin 2gb kit and can be purchased directly from Mushkin. I have this RAM and it's a really nice kit and I've yet to read a bad review anywhere (and I read a ton of them before I bought). There are a few good threads on this RAM on dfi-street already as well. Good luck.
  12. LowGun

    2Gb Mushkin Redline XP4000

    Thought i would post a pic of my results so far. I have pretty good timings here i think for 250FSB. After I've had time to recoup from a long week of testing I will start trying to trim down some of these settings a bit more. Ultimately I'm trying to get to 260FSB 1:1 and will update the thread with those results. For now I'm running: [/img]250 FSB stable
  13. LowGun

    Water Cooling

    I really think that you cant go wrong with the Swiftech Apex kit, only think i dont like about it is the resevior, which I swapped out for a dual bay UV one from crazypc.com. The kit has all you need and all of the parts are argueably some of the best parts you can get even if you buy independently. Like I said though, I would buy a different resevior though. If you use the fan voltage adapters that come with it your system will be totally quiet (except your video card) and you still will have better temps then air.
  14. I will trade you 5 feet of the tygon tubing for the tubing that comes with your kit! The tygon cost me $3 per foot from frozencpu. I dont like it, it kinks way too easy. The stuff in the kit I think is much better and because its an 1/8" smaller it has a really snug fit, no leaks, no way. Here are some pics, sorry for the bad quality, they came off my phone...hopefully I will have my camera later this week and I can put up some better ones...