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  1. a review has been posted on the dfi forumz http://global.dficlub.com/ biker
  2. I wonder if they ship to the UK...? er maybe not, they are charge $90+ for international shipping - I dont think so..
  3. The new DFI infinity p965/s will be out next week, E6300 overclock really well on it. its better than all other P965 boards - I know ive tested a few including a Ecs i680. For more info see the thread below. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76242 biker
  4. Its identical to all the other high end P965 boards, so it will come with the awesome ICH8 sata raid 6xSata controller.
  5. Afternoon Ive just seen that this board has been rolled of the production line..!!! :eek2: Just got of the phone and it hopefully looks like the release date for the "P965 & P965-S" in the UK is early/mid April. http://forums.vr-zone.com/showthread.php?t=139263 biker
  6. Bought Asus Commando in the end, this should keep me going till DFI release the new p965/i680 lanparty.... biker
  7. 1. can you post a cpuz/sisoft sandra/everest, screen shots..? 2. has the data corruption bug with i680 boards been fixed on that evga board of yours.. 3. how have you managed to get such a high oc, when 99% of i680 owner cant crack the 430mark..? biker
  8. Afternoon I have been looking to buy a descent s775 mobo for my shiney E6600.... My old system was a LP NF4, running a Opty [email protected](300-FSBx9.5), Gskill [email protected], raid 0 (80gbx3_sata) Im looking to achive the same level of Oc_ability(so in this case 450-500+FSB) and the same level of memory stability and finaly to be able to run a sata raid setup. I have bought the Asus commando, while I/we wait for the DFI p965/i680 to make an appearence.... Turns out this board isnt the uber overclocker, and the £142 is a bit steep, so Im considering weither to keep it or not. Picked up a Gigabyte DS3 over the weekend to compare.... but the commando is better in every respect and after being used to the luxury and ease of use of a dfi/nvidia based board Picked up a not impressed with the DS3 (2 ports for raid - WTF, and its slow raid at that(crappy controller), 2x WD740 only gave me 110mb/s was expecting atleast 130+, my Hitachi deskstars give me 120+) My E6600 is limited to 3.7ghz and here are the fsb's ive tried so far. Commando:- 400x9 is stable, [email protected], [email protected] 411x9 is stable, [email protected], [email protected] 450x8 is stable, [email protected], [email protected] 462x8 is stable-ish, [email protected], [email protected] - will require tweaking 475x7 wont post, [email protected], [email protected] 500x7 wont post, [email protected], [email protected] DS3:- 400x8 is stable, [email protected], [email protected] 450x8 is stable-ish, [email protected], [email protected] - will require tweaking biker
  9. Evening Ive got 3 monitors that are free to a good home but will need to be collected (I live just outside Nw London in the UK) iiyama 19" pro 450 (one of 3 of ebay, does 1280x1024) iiyama 19" pro 452 (two of 3 of ebay, does 1280x1024) iiyama 17" pro 410 (this is my old one, only does 1152x852) biker
  10. I tested the Ecs PN2 with a E6600 a while back and I could only manage 3.6ghz. I was and still am hoping for a 680i based DFI board - in the hopes it will be better than most - like my old LP NF4. I havent heard about the problems Angry mentions, but I shall google it as suggested. biker
  11. Hi Guys Er actually some nForce 4 SLI intel edition motherboards support core duo, I just hoped there there was a Dfi based solution aswell. But as it happens Ive found a nForce 570 based mobo for £70 "Asus PSNSLI" bought it from pyramid.com. Its pretty much the same as my my old LP NF4_SLI-D mobo, and this will keep me going untill DFI release the NF6 based mobo.
  12. dont want anything but an nVidia based solution, thanks, though.
  13. Sorted, Bought a nForce 570 based mobo to tide me over till DFi release their NF6 based baby.
  14. ive got lenny_nero coming round this evening, potentially to buy the whole lot. :-)
  15. sure, what you after..? looking at yer sig, you could do with upgrading yer cpu and yer mem!
  16. I have a 4800x2 but I think the exchange rate will make it too exspensive for you as I am in the UK $333 - £185
  17. In the UK these items new cost on average £220 and £150 respectively. Ive checked on eBay UK and thats whey are going for. So with that in mind they worth their counterparts which cost equaly the same. I know in the usa things are cheaper so this offer may not appeal, but to Uk user its a very good price or trade. biker
  18. Afternoon peeps, Ive got the Following for sale/trade:- AMD 4800+ X2 retail boxed with receipt(10mnths left) and warranty(3yr Amd), this chip will do 2.82ghz or more (my LP did that on the 704-bios) £185 G.Skill DDR600 1Gb dual Channel kit (Samsung TCCD) (F1-4800DSU2-1GBFR) I ran them at [email protected](PC5000)@2.88v(active cooling). Fyi the kit comes with G.Skills lifetime warranty. £85 I will trade for a Core duo E6xxx and or some DDR2 memory, I am Based in the UK. Biker
  19. Hi there lower your multi, and lossen your timings, I ran 300x9 on my old Curcial ballistix DDR500 with 1:1. biker
  20. Hi garry User 'nlite to intergrate the raid drivers.. http://www.nliteos.com - for the program Here is the link to the very easy howto http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...aded&pid=356029
  21. Hi Spring As your across the pond, the shipping alone would as much as I would pay for the board. There are proceedures on this site for registering the warranty and getting the board replaced, Im sure Angry could point you in the right direction etc. biker
  22. Hi Spring Whats the score with your mobo exactly then..? Hi Shawn I dont really want another s939 Cpu to be honest (already got a X24800+oc to FX62+ speeds) Hi MrNovi you have a pm
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