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  1. already bought new PSU today, antec 550w going to try and hook it up now and for the record, on the old psu, i couldnt even get it to boot up i only got 1 of the 2 lights on the mobo that should be on, meaning that when i pressed the power button on the case it does nothing gonna try and install the new PSU now
  2. yea I just talked to my uncle and since it gave it that first spurt of power, he thinks it might be the PSU also so I mean if it is that I don't mind going out to comp usa and picking up another antec for 60-70 dollars, it would just be a hassle rewiring it. I just am praying that nothing is wrong with the 2 hard drives i have..
  3. Alright so the power company had a scheduled outtage in which they were going to shut off power to homes where I live to do maintenance or something tonight. Well they did it last night...and my computer was on at 12:15 a.m. when they shut it off. So essentially I got worried that I might have problems booting it back up the next morning, which of course I do now. So basically i came down saw that only the yellow light on the bottom under the last PCI slot was on. Ok so obviously thats not good, so I tried to boot up and it started to get power for like a second(fan had started spinning) and then it died. So I cut power to it again gave it a few minutes and still that other yellow light where the ram sticks are never came on. Obviously i'm lost and really hope this situation is salvageable and could really use some input as I can't even get it to boot up. http://img384.imageshack.us/img384/3976/dfiultradig1.jpg the circle at the bottom is for the LED that is currently lit up, and the one at the top is the one which doesnt light up and I need to come one for it to be able to boot up at all so, any input or help here is very much appreciative
  4. i have a 380w cooler master but im not going through and re-wiring that in as it would be pointless cause 380w is not nearly enough
  5. im not restarting it, cause if i restart it and it doesnt boot im gonna be pissed, cause then im going to reseat the vid card, try again, if it doesnt boot then, im gonna reseat the stick of ram, and if it doesnt boot then, well i would have a serious problem which i at the moment am not going to deal with regardless do you have any other possible solutions as reseating these damn things is only temporary
  6. i just reseated the one stick of ram farthest from the CPU and booted and it worked so i dunno man but pls keep posting suggestions cause its definitely not fixed, this was only a lucky / temporary fix :/
  7. Alright seriously i am in dire need of some help here i mean seriouly im to the point where im just so frustrated with this its depressing, heres the problem : For some reason whenever I turn off my computer my DFI motherboard decides that when I boot it back up it doesn't want to recognize my evga 7800gt(which has been rma'd 3x in the past 2 months because of this problem). Well I dont know why its doing this but the way I've been fixing it is just reseating the video card and that will fix it. now this is a hassle to do every time i shut down, can someone gimme some insight?? And of course while I was playing need for speed carbon today the computer decides to freeze so I hit the power switch which turns it off, i go and figure now im gonna need to reseat the vid card well i do this and it doesn't boot...gives me those 3 red lights and that god forsaken beeping specs are in sig have had this computer for close to a year and the reason I rma'd the vid card to evga was because i thought that it was causing but im now coming to find out it might be the ram after reading a post that three led lights means its checking for ram...which is lovely cause i haven't touched my ram settings in months
  8. yea I need a big one :X i download alot of stuff and don't like deleting as I keep alot of it and I'm only on a 40gig one right now that pains me when I have to delete movies
  9. lol thanks for the reply, If your mom didn't have any problems I'll go ahead and take the risk + the case comes with a 380 PSU so if one doesn't work I will swop it for the other one I guess and I am really kind of up in the air about the ram, mainly looking for QUALITY 2x512mb kit and that OCZ showed up on the list so and as for that HD, how bout a link to newegg so I can swap it thx again
  10. Ok, first off I am getting a new comp for Christmas and am gonna be using a DFI Ultra-D mobo, follow are the parts that I will be ordering : COOLER MASTER CAV-T01-WKC Black/Blue Aluminum Bezel, SECC Chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 380W Power Supply - OEM $99.99 DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail $135.00 eVGA 256-P2-N516 Geforce 7800GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail $299.00 ASPIRE ATX-AS520W BLACK ATX 520W Power Supply - Retail $59.99 OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Unbuffered Dual Channel Kit System Memory Model OCZ4001024ELDCPER2-K - Retail $163.99 Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 ST3200826AS 200GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive - OEM $106.50 SAMSUNG 997mb-TwoTone Silver-Black 19" CRT Monitor D-Sub - Retail $179.99 SAMSUNG Black IDE CD Burner Model SH-R522C/BEBN - OEM $19.99 SAMSUNG Black IDE DVD Burner Model SH-W162C/BEBN - OEM $47.99 NETGEAR WPN824 IEEE 802.11b/g RangeMax Wireless Router - Retail $99.99 NETGEAR WPN311 PCI RangeMax Wireless PC Adapter - Retail $79.99 Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM $5.89 THERMALRIGHT XP-90C Heatsink - Retail $66.99 Total: $1,365.30 As you can see I am missing a CPU, I am purchasing a Opteron 146 CABNE off a friend for a little less than 200. Now what I wanted to know was are the parts there, specifically the RAM and the PSU going to give me any problems when I build it(Also I will be installing Windows XP Professional). I just wanted to make sure that everything would be compatibe and not give me any headaches when I put it together :nod: So any help or comments are appreciated, BTW I am open to any suggestions on the ram along with the PSU , everything else is pretty set in stone.
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