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  1. amd doesnt go with ddr2 until socket am2 comes, so answer is no i guess.
  2. Well, everything but åsu has been changed now... seems to be the same problem ;( Hiper psu rma I guess
  3. Right click on my computer -> properties -> advanced ->System & Recovery -> Settings -> uncheck "automatc restart", then you should see the bsod if it is a bsod
  4. Hmmm, but the same setting has been working for quite some time.... doesnt make sense... but ill tr to get hold on another set tomorrow
  5. No rma, bought a cheap Asrock mb to check, and same problem with this one. Might be vga card or prosessor then i guess.... :(mmmh anyone have any other ideas? cant be psu, cant be power(or?).... dont have so many parts to put this together, so need some direction, becausei have to buy.. stupid to send cpu, ram, vga card back, if its only one part thats buggy thx in adv
  6. Doesnt seam to be a power issue as well, bougt a little thingy that shouold protect against spikes in the power net. I guess ill have to rma the mainboard....
  7. What shuld the temp on the chipset stay at? its around 49 atm
  8. Yeah, UPS might be next step.. done cmos clear for some hours.... ill try to clear it over night tho... and buy a ups tomorrow, hopoe i dont need a expensive one...
  9. Thanx for reply! I booted back to both avail bioses with winflash, no change. But the problem is exactly what you describe, it happens within the first 30 mins, sometimes longer, but often 5-10 mins from start. I was running 12/7, changedback to 11/02 and same problem occured, so i changed back again to 12/7... This is so weird, im also getting corruption in bios when it hangs...
  10. Everything is plugged in, and im running everything at stock. I oced before i moved here, but here everything is unstable.... Testet even more in bios now, restarts and freezes there as well.... im pretty lost :confused: :confused:
  11. Just tested to leave to computer in the bios, freezed up there as well. Can it be the GFX card? Btw, i used this equipment as well: g5 mouse Saitek gamer keyboard Nec 3550 dvdburner
  12. Hi there, im having some issues after i moved to my new apartment. My computer has random reboots and often locks up. Ive tried dozen different drivers, but that doesnt seem to solve anything. This happened after I moved to a new appartment. My 5 cents may be that the power is different in this new apartment, but i have no idea of how to check this atm. Ive tried: Format c:/ Reseating everything New windows innstallation, home and pro Tried with alot disabled, and only one disc connected Only thing i havent done, is innstall OS on different HD. If i check the system log, i cant find anything that seams to be wrong, the reboots doesnt seam to be BSOD, because theres not post of this in the Log.w Im really really lost, here and would BE MORE than happy for your assistance, Thanx in advance, and I will be quick to reply any more info required to solve my problem. :angel:
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