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  1. Me too. That's why I didn't notice it before. Maybe my diamond edition is hungry...
  2. Wooooohooo~ my board finally can boot. I plug in the floopy power cable to the gc card and leave the floopy cable on mobo blank.
  3. My gc is msi 6600GT diamond and i found that there is a floopy power connector on it. Shall I connect it? If I connect it, either the floppy cable on mobo or floppy drive has to be swapped. I tried to connect it and left out the floopy drive. The mobo will give a very short beep for once but there is no light for the indicator led on monitor. There is one led left on mobo though...
  4. Thanks sir for the information, I will now look forward to the build guide.
  5. The power connectors are all connected firmly as well as the vga. But somehow it still doesn't work.
  6. Ok, if the ram is put (only one stick I used at the moment) in the dimm2 and dimm3 (yellow), the lights will leave 3 (from left to right) on and then quite a long beep sound which sounds every 3 second. If I put the rams on dimm1 and dimm2, there will be just 1 led (vga detected led) left and the 3 beeps will sound together. There is no screen at all. The PSU is Taiwan brand. What's the first-build guide? Is it the quick installation guide? I did follow.
  7. All the power connectors are connected and swapped, all ram slots are tested (will be described later), graphic card is tried on both pci-e slots, trying in the condition without the optical drives and only left the floopy connected to the power, CMOS cleared several times. However, I still can't boot up my rig. What's going on with it? Anyone can tell me what's left out? As well as what are the details I am going to give?
  8. When I on my rig, the three debug leds (4,3,2) are on while the another debug leds (1) is blinking slowly there. During this period, the power leds of the casing isn't on. Afterthat, the mobo beeps. The beep is long beep and long beep and long beep... (I insert the ram A at the second, third and fouth slot, the beep is the one mentioned just now. If I insert it into the first slot, the beep is two short and then a long beep. There are no beep later. The debug leds just left the 4 remain on. Ram B: When I insert it to the first, third and fouth slot, the beep is the long one. If I insert it to the second slot, it'll just have the same beep of the second circumstance of Ram A. Can anybody tell me how to encounter this problem?
  9. Thanks for this guide, our dear admin. I am appreciated of the providing of this guide. This will help the newbies a lot. Thanks!
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