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  1. i solved it by pressing f6 and loading the nvidia raid drivers and storage drivers, detected it as 238000mb instead of 131000mb which i believe is normal for a 250gb drive. Although i did read that angry games said not to use f6 if ur just using sata drive
  2. New 250GB Sata and windows xp home setup says only 130GB basically the 250gb is on sata 1 and i install windows and it says i only have 130gb, i dont know what to do to fix it
  3. http://forums.nvidia.com/lofiversion/index.php?t9969.html I have a problem where DPC Time Placeholder takes up well above 50% of cpu usage, i have found out by uninstalling the nvidia display driver the problem is fixed. The link above relates my problem to others.
  4. great so i have to replace my existing windows os with a new one, that means everything in the program files directory will be useless. I cant believe this is the route i have to take
  5. Is it necessary to reinstall windows xp if you upgrade to a ultra-d mobo/new cpu/new videocard? Computer boots and goes to blue screen with stop error 0x0000007b which basically means it cant detect the boot drive which is my 80gig ide harddrive ibm deskstar with windows xp. If it is necessary to reinstall windows will i have to either repair it or will i have to do a completely new install over the existing windows. I dont want to have to lose everything that i have installed and setup just because i bought new hardware.
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