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  1. i also have that problem with my wd 320 gb sataII 16mb cache. no drivers came with the hdd
  2. the thermal pad that comes on the amd heat sinks is permanent . it will get into the microscopic pockets in the cpu IHS i would wait
  3. i dont remember if it was xp or the nvidia drivers or what but a popup msg came and said the vid card isnt getting enough power so some of it will be disabled
  4. haha my first build and i didnt know to plug it in. luckily the software told me it wasnt getting enough power
  5. i dont think the x-fi's with xram are affected. mine is without xram and works. i got it right before xmas
  6. expert doesnt have onboard video my ram works good i think
  7. i also dont see how my cpu fan can fit into the psu. the case fans plug into the psu though
  8. youre using an expert? you need an 8 pin connector. the info in the book is subject to change without notice. make sure ram is in orange slot
  9. i got 4 LEDs the first time b/c i didnt have the ram in the orange slots. after i put it there it worked. you should buy better ram. the antec psu with 4 pins is not good enough substitute. keep the floppy plug connected even if youre not using a floppy. did u try another outlet?
  10. sure u have the most recent bios (12/07)?
  11. i couldnt see anything on the monitor my first time either and it was because i didnt have the dvi to vga adapter screwed on tight enough
  12. are you using the latest cod2 patch for dual core? its known to be buggy are you testing both cores in prime95?
  13. burn it immediately. it contains a virus that will kill any kittens it sees
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