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    The Official 2006 Happy New Year Thread!

    As do I, old friend, as do I. I could go on a about a recent discussion I've had with some sociologist friends of mine on that very subject. But I don't want to put a downer on such a positive thread.
  2. Lesaonar

    The Official 2006 Happy New Year Thread!

    I hope everyone here has a wonderful new years eve! Be safe, and please don't drink and drive. Myself, I'll be playing nursemaid to the wife and son as they both have the flu right now.
  3. Lesaonar

    Ebay seller wants my help

    Excellent response catkicker!
  4. Lesaonar

    What cologne do you wear?

    I just mix my own with essential oils. 1 pt musk, .25pts lavender and .5pts basil oils. The wife has no complaints, and that's all that really matters.
  5. Lesaonar

    Ebay seller wants my help

    If he treated you like that, tell him to get stuffed. As Praz pointed out, he's also very confused about his rectifying the problem, which he didn't. If I was in your shoes, I'd forward his response from the old email back to him pointing out he did nothing but insult you and never rectified the problem.
  6. Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist and Plastic Surgery Disasters
  7. Lesaonar

    broadband and internet discussion

    10mb/1mb here and regularly cap both when downloading and filesharing.
  8. I used to love Nugent when I was a kid. Cat Scratch Fever! Love his philosophies on hunting as well.
  9. Hüsker Dü - Flip your wig
  10. Lesaonar

    listen up kids...

    Can't say I'm shocked to be honest AG. Even though you were being sarcastic in your last response, I can pretty much guarantee that's what actually goes through some people's subnormal skulls. Sad, but true.
  11. Lesaonar

    All bets off after Katrina

    Considering Hookah's have nada to do with drugs... Where the opium den comment came from is beyond me.
  12. Lesaonar

    Christmas Decorations

    If it was up to me, we'd not put up a tree or even celebrate this hallmark holiday. The wife on the other hand is an xmas freak who has to attempt to make the house look as gaudy as she possibly can. Yes, my nickname is Scrooge this time of year.
  13. Lesaonar

    Smash it?

    Personally I would've tossed it in a blender. The link shows an iPod, was the closest thing they had to a calculator being blended.
  14. Lesaonar

    What is your connection speed/type?

    10mb/1MB Cable (Shaw).
  15. Lesaonar

    Question about programers

    There's no indication in the original thread that EVGA caved, not even remotely. Threads closed and last I read they were in contact with the retailer for details. There's been no other details since. A second thread was also closed for mentioning his thread. So it's all just speculation that they caved or didn't. Personally I doubt they caved.
  16. Lesaonar

    Question about programers

    How about not worrying about it?
  17. Lesaonar

    FedEx, UPS, or USPS

    Purolator, since I live in Canada. Had more than my fair share of problems with FedEx and UPS, so refuse to even consider them anymore.
  18. PC. Our xbox is nothing more than an expensive paperweight.
  19. Lesaonar

    Raking leaves or shoveling snow?

    Shoveling snow. Grew up on the prairies most of my life, before moving to the W coast. I'll take the odd snow we get out here that disappears quickly compared to the 6 months of snowstorms and shovelling. Almost every xmas since I move out W in 88 has been a green one. I'll take green over white anyday.
  20. Lesaonar

    back again... OT: Math Help!

    This is the second forum he's asked for 'help'. He doesn't want help. He wants someone to do the work for him by 8am tomorrow. And it's grade 9 math. I'd say look at the 10mb BMP, but...
  21. Lesaonar

    back again... OT: Math Help!

    Open a book and study. You're not going to get far by expecting others to do your work for you. :shake:
  22. Lesaonar

    Sorry for typing before thinking

    That was definately a sharing violation! :eek2:
  23. Lesaonar

    What kind of Car do you drive??

    Haven't taken pics of it yet, but we just picked up an 07 GMC Uplander a couple of weeks ago.
  24. Most definately will be a review, if I'm lucky enough to win. It will be used in the new system I'm planning
  25. A friend of mine has been having problems with an Asus board she's had for just under a year now, in regards to the overheating issues. Now we're not talking just bad temps here, we're talking danger zone temps. N-bridge was getting to 120c after 10 mins of operation and the mobo temp was in the 50-60c range, these are idling temps. The board was at least shutting down, but was shocked it wouldn't have shutdown a little earlier than those temps. So I tell her to contact Asus' RMA dept and get an RMA number and ship it off to them. So she contacts them and gets her RMA#, heads home after work and proceeds to remove the stuff from the board and remove the board from the case. She has a BT, so she didn't remove it to get to the CPU until the board was out. She removes it, releases the lock arm and gently, with 2 fingers, removes the CPU from the socket. This is where she calls me all the way from Mississipi. And I quote... 'Brian... When I removed my CPU from the socket, all the pins stayed in the socket but the CPU section, came off in my fingers with no effort!'. Now imagine someone trying to keep her composure, and not doing a very good job of it, while trying to explain this and actually comprehend how it happened and how much it's going to cost her. So I tell her to contact Asus again and see if she needs to add any details to her present RMA or if they'll need to reissue another number. She does and they say just send the board and nothing else and noted the additons to her present RMA#. That was friday before last. She just heard from the RMA dept on Friday and nope, sorry, this isn't covered (the pins still being in the socket) we'll charge you $40 for repair/replacement. Is it just me or did they totally overlook the fact that the original problem had to do with idling temps being in the dangerzone? And since I've never seen pins fuse themselves to a socket before, do you think that the same overheating issue would've caused it? This was a stock system, no overclocking at all. She's pretty niner on the whole overclocking thang.