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  1. hi just want to know if you can use any of these programs or download them thanks. http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/chipsets/...e590sli_11.html
  2. hi got a radeon x800xl 256 meg just want to know what are the best drivers omega or Catalyst thanks.
  3. where are those drivers thanks. this is what i got in bios. cpu core voltage 1.40v chip set voltage 1.59v agp slot voltage 1.51 dram 2.5voltage 2.61v cpu vid control auto cpu vid special control auto thanks.
  4. thanks just want to know if this is bad and can i fix it. Warning W235 - Processor core voltage (Vcore) is less than rated minimum. Unless the reported value is incorrect or the processor is a different type that is not correctly detected, the voltage is lower than it should be. If you’re under-clocking the processor you may have pushed too far. Under-clocking is a condition where the processor is operating below its frequency specification (rated speed). Sometimes the core voltage is decreased to reduce power dissipation. Fix: If the BIOS supports processor Vcore setting, check that the voltage programmed is correct for the processor installed. If not, check whether the mainboard supports the installed processor. plz help thanks.
  5. plz help me what is the best nforce 3 drivers.
  6. is there any think i can disable in bios what is this serial port 1 it is on irq 4 could i put it on auto.
  7. plz help what is the best mobo drivers and are there any new raid drivers thanks.
  8. thanks are the remix ones good i done 10 hours of mem test 8 pass o error do i have to do it for longer thanks.
  9. what mother board drivers are you all using thanks.
  10. i got 2 segate 80 gig ata hard drives in raid 3/4 is this right thanks.
  11. hi i put the pagging to 0 did not work.got my power surply pagging on 0 did not work put pagging on 3000 games run good now tried to games no stutter can i put the pagging any higher thanks alot.
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