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  1. Hi there, i have a DFI Lanparty Ultra-D which can be SLI modded and a XFX 7800GT with Zalman cooler if youre interested. shoot me a PM.
  2. if you are using 1.525v for 2.6 then 2.7 might not be possible without extreme cooling. it looks like you might have reached the processor's limit.
  3. there is a memtest with a windows GUI too. i find it useful for when im in windows. it doesnt let you choose specific test like the DOS/BIOS version though.
  4. you'll be fine. i started off using a 2x512mb kit of corsairs when i was a noob and still managed to OC my 148 to 3 GHz. i dont see why the components wouldnt work. i believe the Ultra-D was optimized for TCCD and BH-5 if im not mistaken. there are always different BIOS versions if one doesnt work. i like 4/06 or 704-2 BTA
  5. actually, ccbwe 0550upmw is a very hit and miss stepping. ive seen some do 3 GHz <1.5v and others that wont get 2.6 stable at ANY amount of volts.
  6. if u wanna drive to Toronto then i can help you with your OC, lol. there are tons of people with the 3200+ and lots of results. if u cant find it on dfi street, there are tons of other forums too.
  7. the stepping is the second line on the CPU should read something like CCBBE 0610DPMW or something. im betting you have a CCBBE for those high clocks with low volts.
  8. um...i dont know where u read this information, but 0551 UPMW is not that great of an OCer. i would expect 2.6-2.7 on air with that stepping. have u tried a bigger divider on the memory? i had a 148 @ 3 GHz before my 165, but im still having a hard time getting the 165 to 3 GHz too.
  9. lol, darn it. im stuck at 2950 with my opty 165. so....close....
  10. i believe the lanparty mbs with UT had uv reactive cables.
  11. if 2.7 is your limit on stock, its doubtful u will get 3 GHz without feeding it ridiculous volts. generally, its about 100 MHz per .1v so that would mean 2.9 @ 1.55v for u i can do 2.8 on stock, but i cant get 3 GHz either and my temps dont break 45c load. but, i may be wrong, so prove me wrong and get that 3 GHz anyways
  12. i think this is either a CCBBE or possibly a CCB1E.
  13. the most i would go on air is 1.55v, but 41c load at 1.4v is not bad. the CCB1Es run hotter then most optys, but they have a really good memory controller. i would leave memory at default timings with 1:2 divider to take it out of the equation and start upping the fsb/vcore. are you just using SuperPi to test for stability or are you using Prime/SP2004 too?
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