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  1. Guess what!!! I have found an article and an *extremely* long thread in regards to IDE Block Mode and NTFS. All the symptoms indicate this is the problem. Since NT4, there has been widespread corruption of NTFS with IDE Block Mode enabled, regardless of manufacturer. I've got a feeling this may not be so widespread in communities that I participate in, as a majority of users would be using Linux etc. There is still a MKB article that outlines the problem in XP, but apparently this is resolved in SP2, tough luck if your WinXP CD is only SP1. Anyway, I'm going to install on Fat32 tonight, and cross my fingers, I hope all goes well!!!
  2. I've even reinstalled with just 1 stick of RAM, and optimised defaults and it still corrupts. Damn it, I'll see if Nintek reply to me by Monday, and if not, time to RMA.
  3. I zero'd the PATA drive, partitioned it and reinstalled Windows, same problem! Argh I have no idea what to do now. I still haven't got a response from DFI or the retailer who sold it to me :-(
  4. I'll try this tonight. My PATA HDD was used as the pagefile, and did get corrupted initially, so I assumed its going to get corrupt again, but I will try and get back to you.
  5. I'm aware that there needs to be a native 24 pin PSU over 480W which is why I got the Smartpower 2 500W, after reading these forums and seeing it was ok to use? Either way, I've tested all the rails and they seem to be at the correct voltages.
  6. Bump? Anyone? Guess I'll be sending the board for RMA.
  7. I've been having major issues with games crashing and my NTFS becoming corrupt. It all started when I had my page file on a seperate drive, which became corrupted. I have since removed it from my system. My system has been narrowed down to basically the 2 x DVD drives, the motherboard, CPU, RAM and 120GB Seagate. I have constantly reinstalled WinXP, then done scans with Seatools and consitently come up with the errors: There are one or more errors in the index There are one or more errors in the metadata file I have formatted, zero'd drives (with Seatools and DBAN on the 35 pass test, which took two days!), reinstalled windows, no luck. Consistent crashes. Even without installing games, within a few days, the system becomes unstable. I've tested my RAM @ Stock settings for 24 hours straight in Memtest86, no errors. I've tried different RAM, I've tried using just 2 x 512mb of RAM, I've tried a different HDD, I've tried different cables, even brand new cables. I've tried different orders of loading the drivers in windows, I've used all the bios versions available, even the latest, still no luck. I've even dropped back to Win2k, still get errors. CHKDSK finds the errors too and says after a /r that there are no more, but there still are! I am completely lost as to what to do. The corruption is apparent after Windows install, before any chipset drivers are loaded and gets worse when installing anything, as if the IDE controller cannot handle file transfers. No NVFirewall is being installed (stayed away from that from the very beginning) Does anyone have these problems or can anyone help? I am completely lost as to what to do ?
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