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  1. it sounds like u are just not over clocking right or it isnt stable wat u can do is reset ur bios. and work from there
  2. L3thal Dream

    System randomly crashes

    dude that linux os is garbage period. it eats ur computer alive! get rid of it as fast as possible. if u wanna use linux then buy suse
  3. starbuko has so mant smiley faces on his sig!!!!!!!!!!! its outta control
  4. L3thal Dream

    Stability Problems With WinXP

    also if u write ur error code on the BSOD u should be able to get on microsoft.com and enter the code there to see exaCTLY wat is wrong
  5. L3thal Dream

    Stability Problems With WinXP

    Sp2 wont solve ur problem all it does is make things a little more user friendly. when i came into this problem last i just striped my whole pc down and checked all my wiring and hardware and booted in same mode with the barest stetting possible. then u can download ur drivers and be able to reconize it from there.
  6. L3thal Dream


    thanks man i figured it out and now i have 6/23 bios
  7. L3thal Dream


    my bios is very different tham my asus bord i used to have do u happen to kno how to enable the boot from floppy
  8. L3thal Dream


    3/10/05 and alot of other letters but i figured u needed a date
  9. L3thal Dream


    My bios version is 6.00PG
  10. L3thal Dream


    i have no clue about what to do w/ my bios caz i still have a stock bios. Any please help me whith any tips on how to obtain and install a new bios
  11. L3thal Dream

    My first AMD Build need help

    ya ocz work well w/ amd no matter because amd is ment to be oc'ed and so is OCZ memery
  12. L3thal Dream

    Memory Suggestions

    hey jus became a member of this forum and have had my comp for about a month now and Christmas is coming up so i would like some ideas for memery ups. :confused: